• Is there a company or designer on Shapeways providing 1/500 fighters?  Think of all the Russian, British, Italian, French, and Japanese aircraft represented in WWII and yet very few of them are on my board.  I know that HBG has a descent selection, but is there anyone else out there providing WWII fighters in this scale?

  • https://www.shapeways.com/shops/snafu

    If he has time he’ll do custom orders…he made a bunch of planes for me in 1/600 scale

  • Thanks, I’ll reach out to him.

  • Cheers……also if you have planes you want that he does not have…tell him your planes you desire and the scale…

    he made me the JU 290…C 46…G5N…LN 401…BA. 201 and many more that I requested

  • Again, thanks.  I’m just surprised as I don’t see many requests for this scale of fighters.

  • '20 '19 '18 Customizer

    I’ve ordered from SNAFU a few times.  His Hawker Hurricanes and early Spitfires in 500 scale are PERFECT for A&A and paint up REALLY nice.  I wanted a set of Me-109E’s in 500 but they came in 600 so they game me a refund.  In the Customizations section there’s a post from Ebard with links to his new pieces and his Mustangs look awesome.  I plan on getting a bunch when I’m caught up with painting what I have now.  Here’s a picture of one of SNAFU’s Hurricanes with some other A&A aircraft I’ve painted:


  • Those look really nice especially the Hurricane.  I am following him and have been for some time. I bought several of his ships, now I have to see if he has time to make some new fighters.  Maybe some French, Russian, or Italian ones.

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