1914 - Flu Pandemic of 1918

  • The flu season of 1918 hit a perfect storm of conditions that caused this outbreak to be one of the worst ever in history.  500 million people were hit with the virus (type H1N1), and it ended up killing close to 10% of those infected.  No place on the planet was safe, with North America and Europe getting hit the hardest.

    In Europe, with the war and a supply of wounded soldiers, malnourished civilians, wet and cold weather conditions, lack of proper medicines, the flu showed no mercy.  In fact, research done years later, speculated that this virus variant strain was unusually aggressive and may have caused a condition known as a cytokine storm with the immune system.  This causes strong healthy adults to be hit harder by the disease than those with a weakened immune system.

    In the game, to handle this event, starting with turn 6 the virus is possible for next 3 turns.  Roll 1d6 to see if the flu has come to Europe. The virus is in effect with these rolls; Turn 6, 1 to 3; Turn 7, 1 to 5; Turn 8, 1 to 3.

    To show the virus impacts, do the following; This is for Europe and North America ONLY.  Not Turkey, Middle East, or Africa.
    Roll 1d6 for every territory.  1 thru 3 and the territory is hit.

    1. Remove 10% of infantry units, with 1 removed at a minimum, but only down to a minimum of 1.
    2. The IPC value of the 1d6 is lost to the controlling player.  USA is 2x the 1d6 roll.

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