• I have never played as UK before and will be soon, so i was just wondering about some basic UK stratagic moves:
    I am wondering in the KGF stratagy, what is the UK doing?  Are they just sending troops to Russia, and building up a small navy to keep Germany from attacking the transports?  How important is Africa?  Is an airforce important for UK, or is sending troops #1 priority?  Is island hoping a bad idea for UK (since Uk already has some boats and has people in Australia), or would they probably just get wiped out by Japan (and if Japan were to attack, then would it be good at least for a distraction away from Russia)?  Since Japan will attack India first, than would it be a good idea for UK to go AWOL in India and up to Russia (thus helping defend Russia, and not getting slaughtered)?

  • Some stuff depends on victory conditions but ok.

    Afrika is important to hold but you can also do that with america if needed.
    Japan needs transports to put troops on the mainland and you go before japan 😄

    UK should keep germany busy to prevent them going all out on rusia. So that means take what you can take if Western is available take it, if finland is there take it. Just keep harassing them so they cant go all out.

    India can be held with UK for a few turns at least if you pull your forces in the area together. Japan only has 2 inf next door and you can have 5 inf on it and 1 fighter.
    Island hopping can be beneficial it depends on the status of the board. If you can safely ferry 2 more guys to india it might be worth it to do that but if you can use your tranny to block him from getting 8 more units on to india the next turn that also might be a good thing.

  • Also think about how many units Britain can produce…

    To maximize Britain you’ll need 4 Transports to haul 8 land units. How long will it take you to get the maximum production into Europe or Africa every turn?

    Britain usually ends up somewhere between 20-30 IPCs per turn, so what you’re buying is extremely important.

    Every purchase you make has a ripple effect. Naval units, for the most part, are ony good for what they can do to help you get your land units to the continent. Make sure you have just enough that Germany will have to pay dearly to slow you down. Couple your movements with a few U.S. pieces at all times until you can stand alone.

    If Germany doesn’t add any Baltic navy on G1, it’s very standard to attack the navy with the British airforce. You’ll find other threads examining that move. It’s also a good move, as it reduces or destroys pieces that could counterattack your navy and shield Germany’s airforce from being hurt.

    If you want to kick Germany out of Africa quickly, do this- U.K. take 2 Inf/2 Arm to Algeria on your first turn (with 2 Transports and a Battleship) . MAKE SURE you bring a follow up with all available U.S. forces to Algeria as well. The Russian sub HAS to follow. Combine this with a 3 Inf/ Ftr attack in Egypt, IF Germany has one or two units alive. This will kill Germany’s ability to run Armor south and get to S Africa. Africa should be cleaned up pretty quickly if you keep the chain going for a couple of rounds. Don’t attempt this if Germany has postioned themselves to hit SZ 12 hard. 5 Ftrs and a Bomber or less is safe for the Allies (unless the people you’re playing against are unstable).

    The downside with this move is a reduced British presence in the Pacific.

    In the Pacific, if nothing else some combination of your Destroyer, Fighter etc. should take out the Japanese transport off Kwangtung. The Japanese player will hate it. Use your imagination- there are lots of interesting choices in the Pacific. The thing to remember is that every move you make leaves you vulnerable somewhere- if you retake Egypt you’ll be vulnerable in India, if you don’t you’re vulnerable throughout the length of Africa- you get the idea.

    Britain’s a pretty fun country with alot of choices and importance. Above all have a good time figuring it out and crushing your opponents.

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