1914 - French Mutinies of 1917

  • In April 1917 after the disastrous failed offensive on the western front by General Nivelle to end the war, the French army’s troop morale hit an all-time low.  With the Russian revolution occurring in the east and their inevitable pullout, plus the lack of US troops in Europe after their declaration of war, many French units literally stopped fighting.

    In the game to represent this event, the ability of French troops to fight can be impacted.
    Starting on turn 6 and at anytime during the turn, check for these conditions…
    1. If Russian revolution and Armistice has occurred OR Moscow under CP control.
    2. USA troops are not in France OR in France but not in a territory with or adjacent to CP units.
    3. French units are not in Germany OR do not control any German territories
    4. AP does not control Belgium
    5. CP units are in France
    If all true, then half (rounded up) of the French infantry units in each territory in all battles in France will have a -1 hit modifier. ie. Hit on 1 only when attacking or 1 & 2 with artillery support. Or only hit on 1 & 2 when defending.

    This rule occurs ONCE and remains in place until any above conditions change OR there is decisive battle in France where the amount of CP units eliminated is 3x the AP units lost.  Do not count airplanes lost and this battle can be any power’s attack.

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