(Classic) Incendiary Thoughts - Strategic Bombing and Classic

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    Here is 10 of n for discussion of my Classic House Rules

    Here are my optional rules for enhanced Strategic Bombing Raids in the Milton Bradley edition of A&A. To use these rules, conduct a Strategic Bombing the same as standard rules, excepting that the player making the Strategic Bombing roll adds a 2 to the roll to determine the damage caused to the defending player’s bankroll. (i.e. Strategic Bombing does economic damage of 3-8 IPC per successful attempt.)

    The original idea for the enhanced Strategic Bombing attacks dates to from before A&A Revised produced its own version of rework of Strategic Bombing. Again, the intent with these rules is not to rewrite the Milton Bradley edition of the rule book into the Avalon Hill edition of the rule book but to discuss a modern version of my rules from 2003.


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