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    Here is 6a of n for discussion of my Classic House Rules

    I presented my original technology ideas as I had them back in the early 2000s. I do believe that some may find them outrageously overpowered. So, here are some nerfed, some down-powered technology ideas for presentation and review.

    My Post 5 (New Research Rules - Outsmart your Enemies) explains how to research your technologies and Post 6 (New Research Tech for Classic) explains what you get when your research pays off. The technologies presented in Post 6 are quite aggressive. So, here in my Post 6a are some not-so-potent technologies. See Posts 5 and 6 for the how to get these technologies - this post is just about some potential technologies for my house rules that aren’t probably aren’t completely game-breaking.

    Revised Research Results Chart

    Theme - Tier 1 (Researched First) - Tier 2 (Unlocked After Tier 1 in Row
    Flying - Rocket Power - Jet Power
    Flying - Long Range Aircraft - Heavy Aircraft
    Ground - Faster Trucks - Faster Tracks
    Ground - Quick Firing Cannons - Radar Tracking
    Industry - Reduce Waste - More Efficient Ways
    Industry - Work Smarter - New Accounting
    Naval - Better Naval Fuel - Super Subs
    Naval - Post Treaty Ships - Bigger Holds

    Research Results Explained

    Flying Technologies
    Row 1, Tier 1
    Rocket Power - Allows use of Rockets (Range 3) as per the rules in the main Rule Book. Leads to Jet Power.
    Row 1, Tier 2
    Jet Power - Requires Rocket Power. Converts Fighters into Jet Fighters (A3/D5/M4, 6 with LRA/C10). Jet Fighters are as per the rules in the main Rule Book.
    Row 2, Tier 1
    Long Range Aircraft (LRA) - Increases aircraft and rocket ranges: (Jet) Fighters 6, Cargo Planes 8, and Bombers 8. Leads to Heavy Aircraft.
    Row 2, Tier 2
    Heavy Aircraft - Requires Long Range Aircraft. Converts Cargo Planes and Bombers to their Heavy versions: Heavy Cargo Planes and Heavy Bombers.
           Heavy Cargo Planes (A0/D0/M8/C12) may carry up to 2 Infantry, Paratroopers, or Troopers; or 1 AA Gun, Armor, Armored Cavalry, or Artillery. Only Paratroopers can attack in this way, all other units may only be moved as non-combat movement. Heavy Air Transports may reduce their load in order to travel further: Range 10 with 1 Infantry, Paratroopers, or Trooper; Range 12 when carrying nothing.
           Heavy Bomber (A(4x2)/D1/M8/C12) may attack by throwing three dice and taking the two desired results, which may be the loss of up to two enemy defenders. When Heavy Bombers do a Strategic Bombing Raid, damage done is equal to the top two of the three dice thrown, per Heavy Bomber. Heavy Bombers may reduce their load in order to travel further: Range 10 with 1 die of damage (throw two dice, select desired result); Range 12 when carrying nothing.

    Ground Technologies
    Row 1, Tier 1
    Faster Trucks - Heavy Artillery and Infantry now move at 2. AA Guns, Paratroopers, and Troopers still only move at 1. Leads to Faster Tracks.
    Row 1, Tier 2
    Faster Tracks - Requires Faster Trucks. Armor and Armored Cavalry now move at 3; AA Guns and Troopers now move at 2. Paratroopers still only move at 1 (when not aboard their aireal chariots).
    Row 2, Tier 1
    Quick Firing Cannons - Heavy Artillery now attack and defend by throwing twice as many dice as formerly appropriate (two dice per Heavy Artillery). All hits landed by those dice hit ground units, up to the limit of enemy ground units in combat. Leads to Radar Tracking.
    Row 2, Tier 2
    Radar Tracking - Requires Quick Firing Cannons. AA Guns now defend by throwing twice as many dice as formerly appropriate (two dice per AA Gun). All hits landed by those dice hit flying units, up to the limit of enemy flying units in combat.

    Industry Technologies
    Row 1, Tier 1
    Reduce Waste (Better Factories) - Reduces the cost to produce Ground units: -1/2 IPC (round up) for Armored Cavalry, Infantry, and Paratroopers; -1 IPC for all others (AA Gun, Armor, Artillery, Troopers). Leads to More Efficient Ways.
    Row 1, Tier 2
    More Efficient Ways (Better Plants) - Requires Reduce Waste. Reduces cost to produce all Air units and Sea units by 2.
    Row 2, Tier 1
    Work Smarter (Increased Capacity) - Doubles placement limits on territories with new Industrial Complexes. (e.g. Build factory in India (worth 3 IPC), now you can place up to 6 units in India with Work Smarter.) Leads to New Accounting.
    Row 2, Tier 2
    New Accounting (Increased Resources) - Requires Work Smarter. Receive additional income for every originally-owned territory that you have owned since the start of your turn - 1 additional IPC for every 2 IPC original value, rounded up. (By “originally-owned territory that you have owned since the start of your turn”, this refers to territories that you started the game with (such as Western Europe for Germany or Karelia for the USSR) and that are still in your possession - no extra money for territories you don’t control or for territories you have taken over since the start of the game.
    Original IPC Value:  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
    Additional Income:  1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4,  5,  6

    Naval Technologies
    Row 1, Tier 1
    Better Naval Fuel (Faster Ships) - All ships now move at 3. Leads to Super Subs.
    Row 1, Tier 2
    Super Subs - Requires Better Naval Fuel. Converts all Submarines to Super Submarines (SSK). SSKs attack and defend at 3. Aircraft can only attack SSKs for 1 round, after which time SSKs are considered to be submerged and not attackable by aircraft. SSKs that are submerged may continue to attack or defend against ships in the same battle as the SSKs or may choose to break off contact and withdraw from battle.
    Super Submarines (SSK) (A3/D3/M3/C8) Special Submerge ability
    Row 2, Tier 1
    Post Treaty Ships (Better Ships) - Converts Battleships (BB) and Cruisers (CA) into Heavy Battleships (BBB) and Battle Cruisers (CC). BBBs use 2 dice each for attack and defense. CCs attack at 4 and defend at 4 and gain the AAA value of BBs (AAA value at 1 against up to 2 planes per CC) (essentially, CAs become 1 hit BBs). Leads to Bigger Holds.
    Heavy Battleship (BBB) (A4(x2)/D4(x2)/M2/C20) AAA value of 1 vs. 2 planes/2 Hit Ship
    Battle Cruiser (CC) (A4/D4/M2/C12) AAA value of 1 vs. 2 planes/1 Hit Ship
    Row 2, Tier 2
    Bigger Holds (Bigger Ships) - Requires Post Treaty Ships. Converts Aircraft Carriers (CV) and Transports (AKA) into Large Carriers (CVB) and Large Transports (AKB). CVBs can carry 3 Fighters or 1 Bomber. AKBs can carry 5 foot units, 2 mech units, or 1 mech and 3 foot units.
    Large Carrier (CVB) (A1/D3/M2/C16/2 Hit Ship) (Carry 3 Fighters or 1 Bomber)
    Large Transport (AKB) (A0/D1/M2/C8/1 Hit Ship) (Carry 5 foot or 2 mech or 1 mech and 3 foot)

    And these are my down-powered technology results.


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