[TripleA] How to close off the Black Sea?

  • How do I close off the Black Sea in TripleA (Anniversary Map)?

    When I’m the Axis, I just pretend I can’t go there, but as the Allies, there’s no way to stop it.

    (Still learning the software, so currently playing against Hard AI.)

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    There is no coded option. Playing against the AI is not possible with that option enabled.

    (Technically there is a way but only by editing the game.xml.)

    In PvP games pretend you can’t go there with either side. TripleA does not take away the responsability to behave rules compliant.

    HTH 🙂

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    There’s no way to directly shut down the Black Sea canal from inside the TripleA interface, but you could try using Edit Mode to drop 20 Soviet Battleships in the Black Sea – that ought to deter the Axis from coming in, even with the AI.

    If you really want to, you can go into the text file for the Anniversary map that sets the game’s parameters, and create a new ‘canal’ that requires ownership of Turkey in order to pass through…but that’s probably overkill.

  • Thanks guys. Was hoping I had missed the option. Just means I need to start playing real people now that I understand the software better and am comfortable with it.

    I like the 20 Soviet Battleship idea, but I can just picture the AI suddenly either avoiding the Med like a plague or doing a massive build up to take it on.

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