Global 36/39 Recommended Pieces Numbers

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    Hey all,

    Whats the thoughts of the recommended number of pieces numbers?  People that have played do they find that they have run out of units or not.

    Just curious if I should get more than the recommended number or not.

    I also had done a lot of pre-orders of sets and I have way more numbers than the recommended numbers so was thinking about letting some of them go with the 39’ Global Map I have.

  • For the general stuff, HBG’s recommended list is pretty good.

    You want more of the exotic stuff like Tigers & Katyushkas.

    It depends on the players. Do they have a soft spot for Heavy Tanks? If so, you want more…

    I’ve bought extra units 2-3 times since we started playing.

  • Albeit expensive, if you follow their recommended units list, you should have enough. Try to utilize as many of your OOB A&A pieces as possbile.

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    Ive been preordering their sets since 2012.  Have WAY more than the suggested amount for some categories.  Was just making sure the numbers listed were realistic and not under valued. Contemplating selling some of the overkill of troops that I have……

  • To cover all the nations I basically used two full games of Axis and Allies Global 1940 games… Plus any extra special pieces I needed such as TBD and Medium Bombers. I also went ahead and have close to 100 militia acrylic tokens.  and around 50 to 75 of all the others as well needed. ( not really needed just wanted to keep everything acrylic ) … any extra units or neutrals and just painted white or what ever they aligned under.

  • What pieces do you use as jet fighter for United Kingdom? Of course if you research as a technology…

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    I’m using the OOB Allied jet fighters from the Amerika game. Of course I had to paint them tan. That game is a wealth of pieces as long as you’re willing to paint them. It’s a shame that the Germans were grey instead of black.

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    What pieces do you use as jet fighter for United Kingdom? Of course if you research as a technology…

    Another option, also requiring time and money, would be to buy some early British jet fighters off Shapeways and paint them.

    The Gloster Meteor was the first British jet fighter, historically speaking. You can get a 4 pack of 1/600 scale Meteors from Shapeways for $10.58 from this link: The NF referred to in the link stands for Night Fighter. Most people won’t notice the difference between the night fighter version and the regular version.

    I hope that helps.


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    That’s the same jet you get with the Amerika game.

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    That’s the same jet you get with the Amerika game.

    So it is. I didn’t remember that. All the same, Amerika is $99 from the game company. You get 10 Meteors in each copy of Amerika. Or, you can get 12 Meteors from Shapeways for around $33. If all he wants are the Meteors, I think he’d be better off on Shapeways.

    There are a lot of cool bits in Amerika, don’t get me wrong. I like options, and so I gave him another one. I don’t see the harm in that either.


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    No harm at all. I was just mentioning that they were the same ones. It’s easy to forget that the green pieces in the game aren’t actually the Americans, but rather the Allies who have retreated back to North America after losing WW2. I didn’t realize until you had posted your link that the Meteor was actually a British fighter.

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