AlphaKappa's improved G40 map graphics

  • I’ve been working on this project for about a year.  Here is a preview of my take on the G40 map!

    Some things to look for:

    • Pro-Axis and Pro-Allies neutrals have regular textures with no diagonal hash-marks.

    • Mountain terrain graphics have been added on every continent, from the Andes to the Caucasus and much more.

    • Many coastlines have been enhanced with greater detail.

    • The ocean is a custom element. It’s now a subtle gradient with minimized sea zone numbers.

    • Adjusted almost every sea zone border to optimize space in critical zones.

    • Enlarged Australia, Western United States, Morocco, Italy, Bessarabia, Malaya, Borneo, and sea zone 110.

    • Shrank Spain and Saudi Arabia.

    These are just for starters.  There are too many small tweaks to list.  If you’re very familiar with details of the original map, I think you’ll enjoy discovering all of the small changes, so please see for yourself!

  • Here is a higher-resolution preview so you can see the details more easily:

    15% scale of the actual image.

  • My goal is to print some 199x92cm neoprene game mats.  They will be about 12.5% larger than the original game board.

  • I am making my own map as well and am at a standstill……how did you edit the neutrals, what program?

    I am making a hybrid game that has all the elements from AA G 40 to HBG 39 and 36

  • I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS6.  The textures that I made for the neutrals are partially “from scratch” and partially “stitched together” (and color corrected) from other areas of the map.

  • This post is deleted!

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