• I want to thank everybody for voting.

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18

    No Revised so I’ll go against the masses and vote for AA50.

  • No 1914?  Not that it’s my favorite or anyone else’s anyway…

  • Meh, poll missing too many options… includes three out of print variants that were never popular,  but doesn’t include either of the out of print popular versions (A&A Classic and Revised), and if you went with current in-print versions,  he’s missing 1942 and 1914… also could have just said “Global” instead of spelling out both 1940 versions together.

    If you make a.poll on favorite version that includes out of print, please list all the out of print versions. … same if you’re going to list in print versions…

    Too many missing options to get a good vote sample!  (Just saying,  very incomplete list).

  • I’m sorry. When I posted this poll I had just discovered the forum. I didn’t do much research. In the future, I will make a new poll including all of the Axis and Allies versions.

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