Looking for online players for experimental variant

  • I have an experimental A&A online variant that uses a simultaneous play style inspired by the game Diplomacy.  I am looking for players to help me play-test it and provide feedback.  I intend to play it in a play-by-mail style, with each player keeping a personal board handy using miniatures.  The online game keeps track of all the game state, including unit positions and movements, so using a board at all is optional.  The user interface includes a crude map with units displayed.  I intend to make a more sophisticated interactive interface, but I need some real play-testing to know where to go with that.  If you are interested, please read the docs here:


    if you are ready to try a game, send me a message at:


    include a nickname to register on the system in your message.  I will use your email address for the system login, but only your nickname will be visible to the players.

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