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    Using LHTR, Japan launches fighters and show that they will land on AC’s (which must be moved) in the pacific. If the fighters are destroyed in battle do the AC still have to be moved to these predestined locations or can they turn around and go in a different direction? Thanks Again

  • Nope they don’t have to go to pick the fighters up if there are no fighters left to pick up. It says this in the rules.

    If you declared that a carrier will move during the noncombat move phase to provide a safe landing
    zone for a fighter moved in the combat move phase, you must follow through and move the carrier to
    its planned location in the noncombat move phase unless the fighter has landed safely elsewhere or
    has been destroyed before then

    This is under the “Air Units” section of LHTR (you know towards the end where they list the unit summaries).

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    Thanks Tri

  • Yep… I had that argument with Tri in one of our earlier games…  I was using the box rules which implied somethign else, he was using LHTR, which are explicit.

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