[Anniversary] One Free Tech for Each Nation?

  • I’ve been considering a minor variant: What about 1 free technology per nation at the start of the game?

    At the start of the second turn*, each nation chooses a development track, rolls a die, and gets that random technology.

    Additional technology could be researched as normal.

    I’m thinking this would make for some interesting games, and I like the tech options in Anniversary and feel like tech is usually developed so late that it’s hard to use much.

    *The first turn is critical, and the Axis getting Heavy Bombers or Long Range Aircraft on the first round would be nuts. So random tech on the second turn.

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    I remember seeing people play that way on the triplea lobby. Spices things up.  8-)

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    I have kinda the same thing like your saying in my 40 game. You get to roll for 2 NAs per country at start of game. Also you can buy tech plus I have event cards and for each country there is a receive a free tech card in decks plus a spy steals a tech card too. Plus 2 cards in ea deck that gives you a free tech token without buying it. So your free tech can come on any turn or not plus you hope your spy steals tech card comes out later in game and you still might get a tech through your free tech token card. Most tech we have had in game is in the picture above. Not are all good tech sometimes. This keeps it under control. Also we have had games were the most in a game was 7. Some games Tech is harder to get.

    Just some ideas if you plan on going further into spicing things up. Each game is a bit different.

  • @barney:

    I remember seeing people play that way on the triplea lobby. Spices things up.  8-)

    When do they introduce the tech? First turn or second?

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    before game start everybody gets one roll

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    I’ve played some games where we roll for a free tech which seems like a good way to get tech into the game.  I’m a fan of this idea.

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