Axis and Allies 1914 improvements

  • I love Axis and Allies 1914 but I found myself getting board because of the lack of units I mean there are 4 land units (including planes) and 1 of them you cant buy tell round 4 anyway here are some Ideas for more units that I thought of but have not tested. Also I was wondering what ideas your guys have to improve the game
    Cost: 4 IPC’s
    Attack: 3 (arty moves it to 4)
    Defense: 1
    Movement: 2
    -If they attack a already contested zone their attack lowers to 1 representing cavalry’s uselessness in trench warfare
    -When attacking for every 2 cavalry 1 arty gets boosted to 4 attack representing cavalry’s scouting ability
    -For every 1 cavalry 1 artillery unit can move 2 spaces with it but cannot attack that turn

    Field Artillery
    Cost: 4 IPC’s
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 3
    Movement: 1
    -Does not boost infantry
    -Air Supremacy does not boost Field Artillery
    -When defending the defensive player gets to choose if his Field Artillery hits a tank or not if not the attacking player gets to decide what unit gets hit.

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    I agree that the unit roster is a bit thin, but I think your proposed additions are extremely overpowered for their price. Your cavalry also do so many things in so many ways that it will be difficult for players to remember and apply all of the small bonuses.

    Here’s how I would write a cavalry unit:

    Cost: 4 ipcs
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 1
    Movement: 2 (no blitz)

    When attacking in a battle where your opponent has only infantry defending, your cavalry attack at 4 instead of 2.

    These cavalry would shine in Kazakh or in Africa, where artillery are real thin on the ground, but would not be cost effective in “higher-tech” areas like France, where trenches and enemy artillery could shred cavalry before those cavalry could reach their desrination.

    I’m not sure what kind of army your field artillery are supposed to represent, or what kind of thematic gap they’re supposed to fill. Can you say more about your vision for them?

  • I see what your saying but I do like the idea of cavalry having poor attack in entrenched areas.
    Although I do agree Cavalry’s other ability’s are a little overpowered
    So mabye
    Cost: 4 IPC’s
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 1
    Movement: 2
    -If they attack a already contested zone their attack lowers to 1 representing cavalry’s uselessness in trench warfare

  • The Field artillery represents short ranged artillery that armies tried to use at the beginning of the war because they thought the war would be fought in fields at relatively short range like the Napoleonic wars. The Germans hid these behind the lines at the end of the war so when the tanks would break through they had a way of stopping them before they got through to there long ranged artillery.

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