What are some good Russian strategies?

  • If you are going to hit it… kill it.

    The point of Ukraine over someplace safer (like Belorussia) is killing the FIG, that means taking Ukraine.
    Also, by taking Ukraine, yes you sacrifice armor (that you WILL miss later), but you also protect your West Russia Stack.  Strafing Ukraine and NOT doing Belorussia means that Germany can bring INF from Bel and survivors from Ukraine to attack West Russia, as well as AF and ARM from Eastern and Balkans.  By taking EITHER Ukraine of Bel, you reduce the INF force he can use, and make a G1 strike on West Russia FAR too costly to consider… meaning Russia can advance AGAIN in R2… and do so safely.

    Go hard or go home.

  • Another risk with Ukraine is it leaves Caucuses less well defended.  Germany can get there with Amphib forces, BB, and AF.

  • very true switch, you can lose your complex g1 if not careful but i don’t think it would be worth it to germany due to the amount of air he would lose.  i do like the idea of making the army in ukraine disappear but if you go 3 inf 3 armor you don’t have a lot of backup for r2 .

    the thing i like about russia is they set the tone, the last game i played they went steady and challenged germany to devote themselves to me, giving the atlantic and africa to my team.  good thing they landed in europe because he was knocking on the caucasus heavy, i got in one good strafe and then uk landed up north drawing his fire.  after that is was the slow march to berlin.

  • Just watch the back door…
    You have enough forces (if you use them well) to REALLY slow Japan down in their march on you… Yakut, Sinkiang and Perisa have to be your hard points.  And Persia means pulling forces from Caucuses to head to defense duty in the south… another reason to start stacking Cuacuses early…

  • last game i staged in novo, when the japs went north i smacked them then pulled back.  when they showed up in the center i smacked them again….and pulled back.  i think as russia you have to not get too excited about pushing back and continue to lobby your allies!

  • @ncscswitch:

    Another risk with Ukraine is it leaves Caucuses less well defended.  Germany can get there with Amphib forces, BB, and AF.

    Not really a big deal though switch. You can bring 1 inf, 1 arm via transport and drop them. You can only bring 2 fighters. Ukraine one is dead, west europe, norway, germany cannot reach and land anywhere. So, the most you can bring is 1 inf, 1 arm, 2 figs, 1 bmb, bb shot. That gives you about 20% shot on caucus, with only 4 inf 2 figs there.

  • Good point Switch about the need to hit either Belorussia or Ukraine to protect W Russia. If you don’t W Russia is toast, no matter what you put there (unless you get incredible luck, which you can never plan for). The Ukraine has to at least be strafed, but why not go all the way…

  • @88:

    Did I mention that it’s more than just a Fighter… it’s also an Artillery and an Armor killed. Also the Ukraine is worth 3 IPCs ( 29 IPCs sounds like 8 Inf and an Arm on R2).

    With an aggressive Russian purchase of 3 Inf and 3 Arm on R1, you end up with 5 Armor total on the board- not bad. If you go with a more conservative 5 Inf/ Art/ Arm you still have some teeth and a little more bulk. If you go 8 Inf you shouldn’t try to take the Ukraine at all as you won’t have enough offense left on the board.

    I respect the Belorussia move- it’s solid- I just think there’s more of a long term gain for the allies when the Ukraine is taken.

    I, too, like smacking the fighter in the Ukraine…  It forces Germany to use its plane(Balkans) to splash the DD in the Med, rather than having a plane for both the DD(Ukraine) and Egypt(Balkans).  This move keeps Africa painted tan at least an extra round(if not permanently).  If the Germans happen to go after Jordan rather than Egypt and fail…  The Ukraine attack could potentially open the door for the Indian fleet to enter the Med.  The Germans are effectively neutered at this point…

  • Well, Egypt is still likely to go under on G1. The fighter in Balkans is used against the DD with the bb/trans, then Egypt is attacked with 2 inf 1 art 1 arm 1 bomber, which overcomes 1 inf 1 tank 1 fighter.

  • 2007 AAR League

    hey trihero are you still looking for a game?

  • Ya I’m still looking for a game. I made a post in the games forum but in case you haven’t seen it yet then here it is. Which side do you want to play?

  • 2007 AAR League

    cool i’m in. what do i do for dicey. i’ll check forum

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