TripleA: Casualties selection in "Play by forum"

  • Hello,

    I am currently playing (1942.2) my first game in “Play by forum” with a friend. I started with the Russian. During combats, TripleA  asks the German to select casualties. For now, I have just click OK, accepting the default selection the software did but nothing prevented me to change that and select valuable units in place of infantry… Is it normal? Did I miss a setting somewhere?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hi oli
    Yep that’s how it’s setup. Triplea picks the lowest defending unit by default and then gives you the option of changing it for when you want to take a different unit

  • Thank you for the information. But I still find it a bit weird that I am able to select my opponent’s casualties…

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    Ah I misunderstood. Yea you don’t want that. Hmm…well, I’m not real familiar with pbf. I’m sure someone will jump in and help you out. If not, ask Panther

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    …But I still find it a bit weird that I am able to select my opponent’s casualties…

    That’s the way it is intended to be in PBF games. So nothing to be worried about.
    Imagine that you needed to wait for your opponent’s decision after every dice roll…
    That would pretty much contradict the aim of PBF: to allow for asynchronous play.

    Of course you have to choose the casualties reasonably.
    In most battles there will be no conflicts about how to choose casualties reasonably - as it is often obvious.

    There are of course battles where the selection of casualties is not that obivous…

    In those cases it is standard to ask the opponent for his Order Of Loss (OOL).

    So take this as a rule of thumb: “Always choose the casualties reasonably, choose them for your opponent the same way that you would like your opponent to choose for you. In case of doubt - ask your opponent.”

  • Thanks for the answer! I understand perfectly.

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