2018 Axis & Allies Events

  • Greeting AA Gamer’s,

    I know it has been awhile but now that the holidays are behind us, and a new year in full swing, I have begun to plan for this years AA events and need your feedback.

    We will go in reverse order since, GEN CON event registration began yesterday and I am in the process of planning, as we speak for all things Axis & Allies and more.  At GEN CON in 2018, I would very much like to bring back the Master Invitational Tournament (AA50) and would also like to try and add a few more new events into the mix, like IKUSA and Black Orchestra by Game Salute(a Philip DuBarry game), while a few will go away due to lack of interest over the past few years.  So, please, let me know what you are interested in playing, what versions, and I will do my best to get that listed as events in the SmoreySwamp HQ.

    As for Origins, I will be back at Origins as well, but Event Registration is not up for this CON.  Soon as I get something back I will start plugging away at the event schedule as well.

    The Spring Gathering will happen again for its 16th year.  It will be held April 6 & 7.  Unfortunately, we still have not determined whether or not it will be held  in Northern KY or Toledo, Ohio.  I am still working on details on location and hope to have an answer by weeks end.

    So, in short, let me know if you have any thoughts on anything AA or any other games you would like to see at any of the three events I run.

    Hope all is well with everyone and hope to hear from you soon.

    Gregory J. Smorey – EO/GM
    SmoreySwamp Axis & Allies Gamer’s
    Axis & Allies Event Organizer: GEN CON, ORIGINS & Spring Gathering
    Website: headlesshorseman2.com

  • Hi Gregory
        I am trying to make your tournament at Origins this year. I have a couple of questions on it.
    -In the 1942 2nd edition game with the modified set up and also for the Anniversary game without national objectives do you have an average bid rang and who gets the bid based on previous tournaments?
    -If I come with my son I assume we can be a team if I come with both sons (so there is 3 of us) can one of us play in the 2nd edition game and 1 in the Anniversary game and 1 of us be an assistant in both as needed?
    -What time  does the event start on Fri. and when you say single elimination that means your done if you loose the first game.?
    -Is there a better place to reach you?

    Any general tips for your tournament I have played many Axis and Allies games and run a big group in Long Island mostly Global 40 classic, and revised but I am familiar with both of these.
                                                              Thanks  Joe

  • Joe,

    Sorry for such a long delay in responding and hope it is not too late.

    In short, in both events, only 2 players teams…you can not have 3 to a side.  The only game where 3 is permitted is Global.

    Please see Origins schedule on events times and any tournament info you may need.

    Yes, unfortunately, that is what single elimination means.  However, many times in my events, if there is an odd number of player/teams, I will advance losers in rd. 1 to make the round 2 bracket event.  This is done randomly and players usually like it…

    go to: headlesshorseman2.com for all the details

    Hope this helps.

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