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Destroyers and Subs…Confused !!

  • Hi
    Just starting out playing. My buddy are enjoying the heck out of it. We have a question regarding Destroyers and Subs.
    Do friendly Destroyers make friendly Subs “visible” to the enemy ? My reading of the rules makes it sesm as if this is so. But that doesnt seem right and Im at a loss.
    Since Im just an ol Grunt and clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, I figured we’d consult with some subject matter experts.

  • 2015

    Hi JungleRot

    Nope your subs are undetected unless the enemy has a DD present. If your DD Captains are giving away the sub positions to the enemy, I’d suggest keel haul : )

    Just to clarify I’m not a subject matter expert. I’m sure some will chime in though : )

  • Yep, that sounds right to me.  You subs will always get their surprise “first shot attack” with no return fire, if there are no Enemy destroyers in the sea zone.  Hope  you enjoy “Pacific “. It is one of my favorite A&A games…good luck.

  • Thanks fellas !



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