• Hi,

    We have a concrete question on a specific case:

    1. Brazil is first an American territory without any troops.
    2. Germany performs a naval attack and puts one infantry on Brazil. Now Brazil is German.
    3. USA sends a bomber to Brazil and kills the German infantry. USA does not put any infantry on Brazil.

    At this point, Brazil is without any troops. One can argue that Brazil goes back to USA by default. Another one argues that Brazil still belongs to Germany since that was the last occupation power.

    Does Brazil belongs to USA or Germany at this point?

  • You need to have a tank or infantry (or mech art in some versions) in order to capture a space.still german

  • If there are no troops occupying a territory, then it stays in the hands of whoever had it last (in this case Germany). America would need to send ground troops down to recapture Brazil.

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    We have a concrete question on a specific case:

    Welcome to the forum, Sebastian.

    Which edition of the game are you referring to?
    We have dedicated forums for every edition of Axis and Allies.
    Please indicate - and I will move your thread to the correct forum.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks for the warm welcome and the replies.

    We are playing Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition.

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