Call your shot on dice rolling?

  • We are all human and go crazy when it seems over a series of rolls we can only roll 4’s or a mix of 5 and 6.

    Well if it makes you feel better I propose this rule.

    Lets say you pick up 10 dice and rolling for INF to hit on a 1. Well, before you make your roll you can declare that the INF now hit on a 5. The odds did not change and it makes you feel better because you just know that today is the day you are just rolling 5’s.

    You can do this for any attack value as long as every one knows what you are doing.

    Armor attack on a 1-3, well you declare that your 6 rolls of 1-3 now hit only on odd results or even results or they hit on a 4-6 result….same odds of the attack.

    Now of course when it comes to dice rolling what ever you say your “number” is you will most likely still be crestfallen when you still cannot hit crap. But at least this way you feel good that you can call your own shots.

  • It works in theory, but i can see it leading to confusion and posible arguments if someone doest hear or remember correctly. Better to kiss

  • @Bob77:

    It works in theory, but i can see it leading to confusion and posible arguments if someone doest hear or remember correctly. Better to kiss

    Well Bob it is not like this house rule is universal and just in our group and if any one else allows this to happen. The reality of the day is that if some jack wad says 1"s are now 4’s he is still going to get hosed by the dice. That is just how the dice roll man.

    We already have guys in my group throwing dice against the wall, cussing and screaming and going ape &^%$ when they can’t roll a stinking 1. How would this change up the dynamic when he said 5’s are the roll, no one else hears him and we check the dice and he did not roll a 1 or a 5? In that case he might just up end the board and rage quit at that point.

    That is what Iam trying to avoid…dice rage!!!

  • @Bob77:

    It works in theory,

    Well, it actually works out by the math so there is no theory behind the house rule. The only hang up is some guys might get their panties in a wad if the attacker says the INF hit on a 3 instead of a 1 and roll 12 dice and hit 5 times……THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS IN THE RULE BOOK!!! READ THE RULES MAN!!! ONLY 1’s HIT!!!


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    The Golden Rule for all House Rules - everyone at the table must agree as to what the rules are before the start of the game.

    Adding new stuff a couple hours into the game is a recipe for disaster either way.


  • I say my my tanks hit on 2-4 instead of 3 or less. You dont hear me or somehow miss understand or one of us forget b4 the battle is over. This could lead to a heated argument when i hit with 4s. So like i said…it works in theory. How it works out in real life is more complicated. Better to kiss. Keep it simple.

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