• If Germany has subs convoying England, and England buys a destroyer on its turn, Germany still gets to roll, seems to be how the rules read (just making sure).

    My main question is, on Germany’s turn, can it bring more units into the seazone to keep the subs there rather than retreating from the zone?  Bombers from Western Germany, for instance?

    The way it read it seemed a normal ‘combat phase’ move.  Italy even scrambled its fighters to support the destroyer trying to stop British subs on its coast.  Correct?

  • Ok, here is the scenario.

    Germany moves 2 subs off the coast of UK to hit a convoy route. UK has no DD in range to conduct combat with them during UK’s combat phase.

    UK purchased a DD and places it on the convoy route. That sea zone now becomes a contested sea zone…

    Germany rolls 4 d6 on convoy disruption on the UK collect income phase.

    Roll over to next turn

    Germany at the start of conduct combat phase has a choice to make since they have a contested sea zone.

    #1 during combat move phase they take the 2 subs and move them away. (retreat)

    #2 stay in the contested sea zone and attack the DD with the subs and any other assets they have in range (air or sea) and of course UK could scramble air assets in defense.

  • Thanks, PainState, I thought that was how it went but wanted to make sure bringing in more assets was legit.

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