• Bought a used copy that will be for myself and the kids this Christmas. I know nothing about it other than it sounds a little like the old Shogun. Any thoughts? are their variant improvements out there if some of the mechanics are broken?


  • I picked it up a year or two ago…Its alot of fun. I need to play it more.

    Its a cross between of Shogun and Fortress America. The are clarity issues with the rules.
    I did buy extra colored dice. As the territory you are defending one determines what die you roll on.

    mountain terrain is gray use gray d12
    forest terrain is green use green d10
    all other is d8 defense and attacking unless you use a card that changes your attack or defend die.

    I created a draw deck place mat based on someone else’s that helped game play with rules when you had papal disfavor drawing less cards.


    FAQ and additional scenarios.

    Pulled some stuff off of game geek that helped clear up things.

    this helped alot.

    Warlords of Europe
    S R McDougall, 26th May 2010 V1.1

    • Each player takes 1 castle, 2 warlords, 2 knights, 2 archers,
    2 swordsmen, 12 spearmen

    • Each player rolls 1d8 and chooses Initiative card
    (highest roller first)

    • In Initiative Order: choose a Kingdom

    • In Initiative Order: place castle in any region of Kingdom and 1
    warlord in any other fief in Kingdom

    • In Initiative Order: distribute remaining units between castle and warlord areas

    Sequence of Play

    Each player completes (i) – (iv) in Initiative Order:
    P(i) Campaign Manoeuvres (Attacks)
    P(ii) Resolve Battles
    P(iii) Manoeuvre Reserves (Strategic Move)
    P(iv) Draw Conquest Card if any fiefs conquered

    Then complete Group Phases one at a time in Initiative Order
    G(i) Draw Pope Card and check for Victory
    G(ii) Play Taxation cards and receive Income
    G(iii) Buy units, castles, and/or mercenaries
    G(iv) Place units, castles and/or mercenaries in friendly fiefs
    G(v) Roll 1d8 (upgradable to d10 or d12) and determine
    new Initiative Order
    G(vi) Buy 1 Merchant card for 4 gold if desired in new Initiative Order


    • If player owns more than half the completed castles on the board
    (all castles in 2P games) and every other player has had at least 1
    subsequent turn

    Player Actions

    P(i) Campaign Manoeuvres (Attacks)
    • Move units onto borders of non-friendly neighbouring fiefs
    – generally units move 1 area only
    – knights and warlords can move 2 areas but must stop when
    entering non-friendly area
    • warlord can pick up and take other units along with him
    • Note that a friendly fief remains friendly only if at least 1 friendly unit is
    present at the end of the player turn (so you can safely vacate a fief temporarily)

    P(ii) Resolve Battles (NB 15 unit maximum in mountains at end of turn)
    • Resolve one battle at a time: consult hit table on summary card
    • An empty fief is defended by peasants (= no. of cities present)

    • Archers roll first and casualties removed
    – archers attacking a castle fief only hit on 6 or higher
    – archers defending a castle fief hit on 4 or higher
    • Other soldiers then roll and casualties removed
    • Attacker generally rolls 1d8 per unit
    • Defenders generally rolls 1d8 in red plains
    1d8 in orange farmlands
    1d10 in green forests/unfinished castles
    1d12 in grey mountains/finished castles
    • Defender chooses casualties first
    • Repeat battle rounds as necessary or until attacker retreats
    – retreats are to a single adjacent departure area
    • Mutual annihilation: fief reverts to peasant control
    – unless castle present: defender places a free spearman

    • Warlord must be last casualty in a peasant battle
    – return to a friendly castle not to stock

    • Warlord chosen as a casualty in a player battle
    – captured by enemy and placed in any enemy castle
    – only returned to owner via negotiation/card play/rescue

    • If a castle fief captured
    – place construction token if castle was finished (damage)
    – draw a bonus Conquest card
    – collect 15 gold from treasury if loser still owns a castle
    • 30 gold plus all opponents cards and gold if not
    – buy and/or hire and deploy soldier units immediately into
    any friendly castles if desired

    P(iii) Manoeuvre Reserves (Strategic Move)
    • Move any/all units that did not attack during P(i)
    – even into newly-conquered fief

    • 15 soldiers maximum in any mountain fief at turn end
    – no limit if fief is a castle fief

    P(iv) Draw 1 Conquest Card if any fiefs conquered this turn

    Group Phases

    G(i) Draw Pope Card and check for Victory
    • Resolve any “Immediately” cards drawn
    • Note that “Papal Disfavour” cards played against a player can be
    ignored but at a cost (place card face-up in front of disfavoured player):
    – 1st disfavour: cannot draw a Pope card
    – 2nd disfavour: cannot draw a Pope/Merchant card
    – 3rd disfavour: cannot draw any type of card

    G(ii) Play Taxation cards and receive Income
    • Must control at least 1 castle to receive income. No castle: no income
    – 1 gold in red plains
    – 3 gold in orange farmlands
    – 2 gold in green forests
    – 1 gold in grey mountains
    – 12 gold for a finished castle if entire host Kingdom controlled
    – 6 gold for any castle if player controls more fiefs in host
    Kingdom than any other single player
    • no additional bonus for having more than 1 castle in any
      single Kingdom

    G(iii) Buy units, castles, and/or mercenaries
    • You may only build 1 castle per Kingdom
    – costs 6 gold to start (add construction token)
    – costs 6 gold to finish in a later turn (remove construction token)
    • Cannot buy new warlords if any of your existing warlords is a prisoner
    • Hire mercenaries (no mercenary warlords allowed)
    – cost = unit price + 1 gold
    – all mercenaries must be paid for every turn or are lost
    • Spearmen are not limited by the counter mix (add chips if necessary)
    • Other units are limited by the counter mix
    – mercenaries are the way to gain additional archers, knights,
    and swordsmen (use chips to signify these)

    G(iv) Place units, castles and/or mercenaries in friendly fiefs
    • Build/finish castles
    • Only 1 soldier (but unlimited mercenaries) can be placed in a single fief
    – knights and warlords can only be placed in castle fiefs
    • A castle fief can have an unlimited number of units placed there
    – unless it was newly built this turn: in which case 1 unit only
    • 4 extra spearmen placed in any fief(s) in a wholly owned Kingdom

    G(v) Roll 1d8 (upgradable to d10 or d12) and determine
    new Initiative Order
    • Upgrade to 1d10 for 2 gold or any 1 card
    • Upgrade to 1d12 for 4 gold, any 2 cards, or 2 gold plus 1 card

    G(vi) Buy 1 Merchant card for 4 gold if desired in new Initiative Order

    Player Elimination

    • If no more castles owned by a player
    – may choose to resign (pieces remain on board)
    – may play on (no income but cards can still be drawn)
    – however, conquering player can force your units to become his
    vassals (i.e. come over to his side)
    • must pay gold to treasury to buy all non-mercenary

    shoot me a pm with your email. Ill send you stuff I worked on and save you the hassle.

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