• So here is my idea I’d love to get some constructive critisism.

    On B1 I want to unite the India fleet (minus the transport sent to madagascar) with the  Loaded Austrialia trany and sub on B1 in sea Z 38 I think it’s 38 my map is fuzzy it’s the zone all the way on the bottom. Also depending on what G did with egypt I will send a Fighter and Bomber to reinforce through Russia. Then on B2 I have a strong force to either take back Egypt or more likely go against whatever Japan is doing in India/southeast asia region.

    Any thoughts I’d love to hear some discussion of how to most effectivly use Britians Middle East/Indian contingent.

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    (minus the transport sent to madagascar)

    Why is the transport going to madagascar?

  • Hmm, I hate to shoot down an interesting idea–anything that provides an alternative to “standard” moves is at minimum a good attempt at creative play–but here’s a few things I see that might hurt the allies with this move. Â

    1.  India falls to Japan on J1.  4 Inf (2 from Frindo, 2 on tranny from Kwangtung–seems this piece is usually sunk on B1 by destroyer and/or fighter) plus BB and up to 4 FIG attack India, with 1-3 Inf left and airforce intact.  Perhaps this prevents Japan from taking China in force, especially if Russia moved 2 Inf to Sinkiang on R1, leaving 6 Inf and 1 FIG in China on J2.  But as Japan I would gladly trade a delay in the Central route to Moscow for a rapid move through SE Asia (maybe even build Japanese IC in India on J2). Â

    2.  From SZ 38 Britain is two turns away from counterattacking in Egypt.  And if you were considering taking fighter from Egypt (if it survived G1)  than Germany will certainly be expanding quickly and in force on G2 and G3, perhaps so much that 2-4 British infantry and  2 FIG can only make a dent.

    3.  No sense loading the Aussie tranny (Priscilla?), unless you’re using is as bait to goad the Japanese player into an attack.  If there is no Pearl Harbor than Japan can crush the British fleet with 1 BB, 1-2 CV, up to 4 FIG, 1 1 destroyer, and 1 sub.  In this case I would as Japan likely ignore India for one turn and take China heavy as usual.  Then take India AND Australia in J2.  Perhaps sacrificing the British fleet to save the Americans is your idea, but I side with others that the US fleet is turns away from hurting Japan, and any energies spent in the Pacific will only help the German player, especially if Japan in coming at the Caucasus strong on J4. Â

    Hmmm, it seems 1. and 3. are mutually exclusive–wonder what others think would be best?  I think I now lean toward 3.

    There are some POTENTIAL positives, besides the above distraction of the Japanese from the US Fleet in Hawaii, but these depend on less than optimal play on the part of Japan.  I understand the desire to make something of the seemingly impressive British Pacific Fleet.  Killing the Japanese transport in SZ 59 may seem unglamorous (sp?), but you can land the fighter in China to add to its defense, and delay the invasion of India (I wouldn’t attack with only 2 Inf and no BB) and the reinforcement of the mainland.  If for some reason the Germans left the British destroyer alive in SZ 15 on G1 than I would consider strongly coming into the Med in force, or bringing it to India to replace the tranny-hunter and ferrying 1 Inf, 1 ARM from Egypt, landing Egyptian FIG on CV, and non-combat moving 1 Inf from Persia to Anglo-Egypt.  Than you can hold India for a few turns or counter strongly in Africa. Â

  • Why is the transport going to madagascar?

    I would send the loaded transport to the sea zone over there so that I can either drop those troops into egypt or persia on B2 depending on axis play.

    To bebo,
      Do you think there is a posibility of pulling out of india and making your stand in Pesia using the two infantry from Aussie and also transporting South africa inf to persia.  That would be like 8 inf plus how ever many fighters you sent to russia on B1. That is a stong front with the flexability to counter attack.

  • Are you loading the transport to Madagascar with troops from India?  If so than I think Japan could take India AND destroy the British fleet in SZ 38.  Persia cannot be reached in one turn from that seazone.  I see the appeal of a strong persia that could in theory hold off both Japan from India and Germany from Africa, but I don’t see that happening.  Why make the stand in a 1 IPC zone and not India with its 3 IPCs?

  • No sense loading the Aussie tranny (Priscilla?)

    Classic  :evil:

  • i would say the best thing for inida in the east if they dont build an IC would be to unite the fleets and have the trannys to take hits……send the fighter from egypt (if still there) to the carrier and hope for the best.

  • Maybe I have my SeaZones mixed up but it looks to me that the only japanese ships that can Attack there are a BB 2 fighters and a Carrier? vs. A destroyer, sub, carrier, trans and 1 to 2 fighters.

    I hear what you are saying though I will keep messing with it to try and find something different that works. Anyone else have some ideas that are variations on the standard stuff? I really think that the British troops in that region have potential.  I like to focus them on one objective either fight Japan or fight Germany in Africa.

  • YEah I thinki I do Have my SeaZones mixed up sry my map on the Comp is low rez it’s the sea zone right under the Axis and Allies logo

  • if you are going to desert india you could hit borneo, that would tweak the nips.  that trannie in australia can go after new guinea and it fouls up the fleet movement from east indies, brit sub vs jap sub? i like the brit fig hitting that sub then landing in hawaii sea zone (52?) add alot to usa defense and all the little annoyances can save the entire fleet if japan gets bent out of shape enough to hit you instead of pearl

  • One strategy my friend uses a lot when we play with all NAs is putting a factory in Australia with the colonial garrison NA. On the first turn he brings his India fleet to the bottom of the map but out of reach of the Jap so it can merge on UK2 with the aussy fleet. The factory being free, he can still build an AC if he wants in London, but he has now a lot of option in the south pacific. Combine this with the US island hoping, the allies can have a mighty fleet in the pacific to put some pressure on the japs without too much expanditure from the UK (maybe one fighter to full AC and some inf for the transports). Combining UK fleet and US fleet (both of which are mostly defensive given the AC, unless US spend a lot on ub or DD) make it almost impossible for the Jap to take it out without loosing all of his in return. For the final punch after increasing the size of the fleet, you can use a joint strike to attack the jappan fleet.

    I guess this wouldn’t work too well without NA though.

  • KJF strategies are really fun if you have NAs. In addition to the free complex, you can use Enigma Decoded to save the tank/fighter from Egypt to do some major harrassing against the Japanese. Throw in Chinese divisions, as well as Nonaggression treaty and you can box Japan in while the navies grow. Problem is though the Germans can get some nice advantages too…

  • Another problem is that Japan has a lot of good NAs to hold the Pacific. Most powerfull battleship is a nice addition to their fleet that counts two of them, kamikaze attack is a blessing against those carriers (Kill the carrier so that the defense is reduced in the following turns => -1 carrier = -2 fighters) and so is kaiten torpedo. Dug-in is not that good given the bombardment of US BB but can still make a difference.

    I found that playing games with all NAs is a lot of fun and allows players to use a lot of different strategies (I’ve never seen a german player owning 8 subs except in those games  :-D ).

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