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A&A vs HBG Russian Units

  • Here’s my collection of Russian sculpts from both A&A and HBG:

    Baltic Timper Ship (G40):

    Srednyaya Class Submarine (G40):

    Gnevny Class Destroyer (G40):

    Kirov Class Cruiser (G40):

    Kostromitinova Class Aircraft Carrier (AA41):

    Gangut Class Battleship (G40):

    Yak-3 (G40) and I-16 (HBG) Fighters:

    Il-2 (G40) and Su-2 (HBG) Tactical Bombers:

    Pe-8 Strategic Bomber (G40) and IL-4 Medium Bomber (HBG):

    Yak-6 Transport Aircraft (HBG):

    Russian Infantry (G40) and Early War Russian Infantry (HBG):

    85 mm Antiaircraft Artillery (G40), 152 mm Artillery (G40), 122mm M-30 Artillery (HBG), Katyusha Self-Propelled Artillery (HBG):

    Zis-42 Mechanized Infantry (G40), BA-6 Armored Car (HBG), Gaz AAA Truck (HBG), Gaz-60 Mechanized Infantry:

    T-34 Tank (G40), JS-2 Tank (AA41), Su-76 Tank Destroyer (HBG), T-26 Light Tank (HBG), T-34/76 Medium Tank (HBG), KV-2 Heavy Tank (HBG):

    A&A vs HBG T-34 Tanks:

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