My low-cost DIY enhancements to 1942 1st edition

  • Earlier this year I purchased a used copy of Axis & Allies 1942 from the virtual flea market for the spring BGGcon. I was hoping to get the current 2nd edition of this game. Instead, it turned out to be the 1st edition, which has a board that is entirely too small. I can’t get too upset over that though since the seller included extra IC factories, AA guns, paper IPCs, and most importantly, a full set of Combat Dice from Field Marshal Games.

    Not to worry though. Imperious Leader has created many large-scale maps for various Axis & Allies games and has made them available in the forums here. I downloaded his excellent Spring 1942 1st edition map with thick boarders, resized it to be about the size of the 2nd edition board (which is plenty big for my purposes. Imperious Leader’s version was a little too big for what I wanted), and added some white space at the top so I could fit in an IPC tracker across the top very similar to the one on the 2nd edition board. I also downloaded his 1942 2nd edition map and resized it as well to put on the other side of the board and created some setup charts for the 2nd edition map.

    Boards and Trackers

    Not wanting to stop there, I also printed out a battle board (the battle strip in the newer editions just doesn’t cut it) and designed a Victory City tracker to help keep track of which side controls which Victory Cities. I also wanted to incorporate the Research & Development optional rules from the Anniversary Edition, so I designed an R&D tracker as well.


    In order to use the Anniversary Edition R&D rules, I needed researcher tokens. I created these using an image of the tokens found in the Anniversary Edition rulebook. I also wanted to create a set of flight tokens to help keep track of how far air units move during the Combat Movement Phase. While I’m adding new tokens to the game, I decided to throw in some Critical Hit tokens I have laying around from Star Trek Attack Wing to use as damage tokens for the factories.


    Lastly, I created some trays with slip-covers, one for each power divided into 4 sections; one for land units, one for air units, one for naval units, and one for dice and roundels. You can see them across the top in the first picture. I also made one for the chips and IPCs.

    I have additional pictures post at
    My Victory City Tracker is available for download at
    My R&D board, Researcher tokens, and flight counters are available for download at

  • Love the boxes with slip covers. What materials did you use?  Any helpful hints you are willing to pass on?

  • @twmattox:

    Love the boxes with slip covers. What materials did you use?  Any helpful hints you are willing to pass on?

    I made the boxes out of chipboard and the separators and slip covers out of heavy cardstock.

  • 2017

    Well done! Thanks for sharing your work.

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