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[TripleA 1914] The Zimmerman Telegram

  • What if we were able to find a way to incorporate the Zimmerman Telegram into the game and if it succeeds, have Mexico join the game as a Central Power?

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    Well, for starters, we would need a space on the map for Mexico, and for the US territories Mexico was promised help regaining…


  • Its very poorly done, but what if you took HBG’s Amerika board, and literally slid them together? I know it doesn’t even come close to matching up and lining up properly, however its the best option I can think of without creating your own.

  • Customizer

    Easy enough


  • 2016

    That’s a really nice map! Is it available on TripleA? With or without Mexico?

  • Wow! Thats a really nice and cool map! Like Argo was saying, is it avaliable on Triple A?

  • 2018 2017 2016

    Unless something has changed 1914 is not on Triple A guys. It is a crying shame!

  • I made a rough representation of vanilla A&A 1914 a while back to test out strategies; here’s the version updated for 1.9.
    A lot of stuff doesn’t function automatically, read the Game Notes first.

    Note: this is not Flashman’s map/rules. If you were wanting that, sorry to disappoint.


  • 2016

    Thank you, ColonelCarter, this is excellent. I installed it on my TripleA and it works great for me. Very well done.

    Flashman (or fans), do you have a copy of your rules handy? I assume there are different rules for the USA joining the war, since their income is double (40 instead of 20 IPCs). I like what Flashman did with the Russian territory divisions, but I assume I’m missing part of the game design just looking at the map. I am very tempted to build Flashman’s map into a TripleA game; I already started whiting out the image so that it can be used in the map utility.

  • How do you install it on triple a.

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 Official Answers TripleA Moderator


    How do you install it on triple a.

    Place the unzipped “world_war_i_1914”-folder with all its subfolders inside the “downloadedMaps”-folder of the TripleA installation.

    In case you don’t know where the “downloadedMaps”-folder is, start TripleA, hit “Engine Preferences” and then “Folders”.

    After that select “World War I 1914” from the games list.

    Note that TripleA does not support the different mechanics introduced with the 1914 game.

  • Intriguing. I didn’t realize someone had gotten as far as making at least a functional map and XML that could be played using a decent amount of edits. There is always a chance that TripleA would support 1914 but it would require a developer to make a number of engine enhancements to support the many ‘interesting’ rules that added.


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