AA42.2 industrial zones.

  • Hello to the wise and knowledgeable. Finally got the game and found this forum great for answering some of my questions, but I just want to get some clarity on industrial zones.

    1. An Undamaged industrial zone in say uk (8) can produce 8 new units.

    2. An industrial zone in uk (8) with 4 hits can only produce 4 new units until repaired.

    3. An industrial zone can take twice the hits of its value. So uk industrial zone (8) can suffer 16 hits.

    4. So from hits 8-16 is the industrial zone ‘alive’ but non productive?
    5. If/when it receives its total amount of damage hits, is it destroyed and removed?

    Many thanks

  • Hello there……

    Welcome to this magnificent site!😊

    From the rule book;

    “Damaged Factories (industrial complexes): Bombers can damage industrial complexes directly. Plastic chips are placed under the targeted industrial complex. For each plastic chip that is under a given industrial complex, that factory can mobilize one less unit. Total damage to an industrial complex cannot exceed twice the IPC value of the territory on which the factory is located. Industrial complexes cannot be destroyed. They can be heavily damaged, however, and can be damaged to the point where they have at least as many damage markers as they have production capacity. In this case, no new units can enter the game through that factory until it is repaired.”

    So, in other words, all your statements, 1-4 are correct, with regard to the last one…the factory may be damaged and useless, can however still be repaired even though damage is 16 (uk), but will NEVER be removed.

  • Perfect !!! Pretty much had it right then.

    Thanks very much

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