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Wait a second… can't we just replace the multicolored stackables with pieces?

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    I don’t like seeing the same silly icon of a US marine and Iowa BB if im playing Japan. Why did they even do this nonsense to save money?.. because WOTC wasn’t gonna provide free sculpts?

    I want to use the damm chips and the damm painted pieces i paid to have made!

    Besides, the pieces are smaller and wont take up more space on the map so i can actually see the map. I predict people will throw away that silly junk and go back to real pieces.

    The green, red and yellow square, round shapes is nothing more than some way around making national unit sculpts. Its like Nova games all over again and im not moving backwards, i advance forwards!!!

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    Yes !

    I am going to do the same thing and use my minis from HBG.  :evil:

    J.  8-)

  • It’s because you need to stack units of different types all under one command stack.

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    No you dont. Not saying throw away the command stacks, just the other junk. Command stack indicates whatever you want.

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    Very feasible as I.L. mentionned by keeping the national command stack with the units in the territory they are all in. When an other stack join in, remove one command stack, simple. If anybody find something wrong with this tinking, let us know  😉

    J.  8-)

  • It’s not that easy, since units are assigned to command stacks and you will have more than just one commad stack in a given area, e.g. for movement purposes, since you can’t reorganize them in the moving phase. Also there is a limit of 8 units per command counter, so i.e. the Eastern Front will see multiple commad stacks battling each other.
    So you’d need some measure of securely attaching the plastic units to the command counter and be able to move them without messing them up, maybe some sort of multiunit base with a command flag in the middle, replacing the counter.
    Depending whom you play with, it’ll also lead to accusations as to which command stack the unit in the territory belongs/-ed to and such.
    It’s going to be a hassle and need some custom components, but feel free to do it.

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    Using magnets help ?

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    Hmmm… I’m not sure if there’s an easy way around this question. Don’t get me wrong - in the beginning I wasn’t too crazy about the stacks of units myself (and would obviously MUCH prefer to use minis) as the colours I find to be a little garish. But I am coming around to them. I don’t know what to suggest really? I remember the original version of A&A Pacific had those little blue Task Force things… something like that maybe?

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    Well lets find a solution, because i feel this will be the norn to replace those stupid things with minis. Nobody wants that junk.

    So you Shapeway people create a trey that has four round slots in a square formation with 2 elevated so you can easily count the chips under units…


    two top ones elevated with a flag on top middle that is large enough to put a decal indicating the army unit info

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    It will be done.  Especially navies or individual troops or small forces.  of course that’s most of the map.  i expect a lot of hybriding, melding and cross breeding.  that’s what we AnA players do best.  the game is quite an experience.  you’ll be caught up in it.  I was.

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    Its called progress.

    I like my minis as much as anyone; I’ll never buy a game with meeples or wooden cubes for units.

    But I found playing 1914 with the provided minis practically impossible due to contested tts having way too many stacks. I therefore defaulted to using colour-coded chips for units, all but the required infantry to top each nation’s stack.

    Original A&A with only a few unit types and only one side in a tt worked, the more unit types you add the less practical the minis become.

    The only other alternative is army cards to hold the units, but I prefer to see what units there are on the map itself; stacking types by colour is the only practical solution.

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