Central NJ, Looking for Weekend Group

  • I am in Somerset County NJ and I am looking to join or host a regular group game. I will play any variant of the game.

  • We regularly host games at East Brunswick, Milltown, and random places in Middlesex county.  Mostly Global 1940 and its variants as well as the occasional 1914, 1942, and Anniversary (original). 1941 for beginners.

    We are mostly a bunch of teens, but we entertain some random kids, young women, and old men.  Despite our large numbers, friendship, sportsmanship, and ethusiasm is strong.  Most games are 5-8 people.  One vs one is extremely rare.

    We have our requisites but would be happy to get the chance to play with you.

  • Well I check the old man box and would be up to play if you had room

  • Hi, I’m in the old man group as well (at least relative to teenagers).  I live near Princeton.


  • I’m from north jersey Passaic county. Can’t find anyone to play in my area. Haven’t played in years. I would play any version if you needed a player.  Jfrathooch&gmail.com

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