[Global 1940] Defending the capitol

  • Been thinking something…perhaps it’s been discussed before…

    If your capitol is under siege, I was thinking infantry get a defensive boost to 3. Only infantry units. Reason is its sort of a Last Stand. Not fighting on the battlefield, but in the city. House to house fighting, civilian units thrown up to form a defense, dig ditches, erect barricades. If you study the siege of Stalingrad, the defenders used the rubble from destroyed buildings from the attackers artillery and air assaults to increase their defensive positions on the ground. The attackers weren’t fighting just the army. You’re handing out rifles to women and elderly.

    Just the capitol. Just infantry. Should the defense be increased?

    Moscow might not ever fall  🙂

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    Then you might increase Luftwaffen Bombers to an attack value of 5.
    There you have your rubble 😉.

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    No increase to inf. What you could do is have the city of Moscow defend on its own inside the territory with Moscow in it. Say you have 30 inf 10 art 15 tanks and what ever else you have.
    Then on your turn you can move only 4-10 inf (play test it to get the right amount of inf) in to Moscow only to defend Capital.
    Blitzing will make a difference. If the territory is captured then Germany has to take Moscow on next turn. But then Russia can not build in Moscow.

    If its to hard for Germany to take Moscow every time then its breaking the game.

    Or you can just keep 4 inf in Moscow only at all times to give Russia that 1 extra turn buy to place units else where.

    Or do Gars new turn order for game.  Russia Germany Japan and so on.

  • I said Moscow at the end just as an example. But this isn’t about Moscow, but about the difficulties of taking over an industrialized city. A metropolitan capitol. The hardened determination of it’s citizens. Not about helping Russia’s game.

    But no change in defense is cool. Just thought I would bring it up. It’s realistic but probably complicates game play.

  • Thats it right there…a lot of realism is sacrificed for ease of play.
    Personally, i think global is complex enough and long enough without this add on. I must admit, it is an interesting and simple mod.

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