GeneralHandrenade's Christmas Wishlist

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    If you’re like me then you have people ask you every year around this time what to get you for Christmas. If you’re tired of getting socks and sweaters and would like some wicked stuff to pimp out your A&A board or get that sweet new Anniversary game then I have your answer.

    I’ve created a video for you to send a link to those people who ask you what you want for Christmas. All you need to do is go there and figure out what you would like, make a list, check it twice, then let them know the number of the item(s) that you want. You don’t need to watch the whole video either. Below the video in the description box I’ve listed the time in the video that the item will be shown so you can go directly there. It also includes the price and where the item can be found so it will be easy for your grandma to pick you up a set of E-Bards Capital and Victory Cities or whatever it is that floats your transport. Or you could not do this and enjoy your new soap-on-a-rope that smells like Old Spice.You can find the video here;

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