• Hi all,

    I’ve just purchased the re-release of AA anniversary. First time player and I’m absolutely hooked! Started introducing my 8 and 7 year old sons as well who are loving it already.

    I was just after some clarification on the following scenario: I’m attacking with 3 subs and the defender has 1 battleship & 2 cruisers. I am opting to do a surprise strike with my subs. Do my subs only get the surprise strike in the opening round of combat? So if I sink 1 cruiser in the opening round and keep attacking can the remaining battleship and cruiser now defend against me.


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    Hi Mike

    you get the surprise strike every round and the ones you don’t kill get to fire back.

    I’m sure someone will have a more detailed answer for you and correct you/me if I’m wrong. 🙂

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    Welcome  to the forum Mike  and I am glad you are loving your new game.
    Barney explained it correctly: the Subs will get a Surprise Strike every round as long as the defender has no Destroyer in the SZ.

    Except in your example, if the Subs only hit once, then the defender should tip the  Battleship first, not lose a Cruiser.  The defender would then have three ships with which to shoot back.
    A Battkeship has two Hit Points: it can be damaged, without being immediately lost. I hope you understood that is its special ability.

  • Thanks guys. Understand now. Looking forward to starting a game after work tonight 😊

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