Turn1-3 US-UK buys for KGF and KJF?

  • Hello all.  I saw from AAGamer’s average bid post that the discussion is shifting towards KGF and KJF.  I have a related question:

    Assume 40.2 game background with 20 UK bid (98 sub, Alex art, Sudan art, Egypt tank), J1-G2 DoW that relax Allies movement constraints.  (Japan grasps islands; Germany goes Russia/Dark skies)
    What are the usual, say, turn1 to turn3 US-UK buys for KGF and KJF strategy?  And what would be the key strategic objectives with those buys?  Thank you!

    For KGF, I will try following US-UK buy plan:
    turn 1
    US-Europe: 1carrier, 1 destroyer, 1 transport (aim: Norway)
    US-Pacific: 1 carrier
    UK-Europe: 6inf, 1fighter (aim: defend London)
    UK-Pacific: 3inf, 2art (India wall to retreat to middle east soon)

    US-Europe: 1carrier, 2fig, 2 transport (aim: Norway)
    US-Pacific: 1 transport (move inf to ANZAC for defend)
    UK-Europe: Persian factory, South Africa: 3 sub (aim: convey Italy)
    UK-Pacific: 2inf, 1art

    US-Europe: transports and land units (aim: Norway)
    US-Pacific: 1 full-loaded carrier, 1 transport+land (build against Japan in sea and land)
    UK-Europe: Iraq factory, sub for Italy, middle east production (aim: strong Allies ME)
    UK-Pacific: 2inf

    Any comments?

  • Ok So first priority is to prevent any German Sealion Attacks. For this you would build Infantry and a few fighters.

    You should have about 25-30 income so a Fighter and 6 inf isn’t out of the question.

    Once you have secured you home island its time to consider offensive operations.

    A good idea is to reinforce Africa ASAP. If you have managed to grab Persia or secure Egypt a factory here is a good way to boost India’s Defenses or annoy Italy.

    Amphibious operations against France or Norway can also be considered but this will require many turns investment in fleet building or else the ships will be sunk as quickly as they are built. Typically a decent fleet will need carriers, destroyers and subs to protect the transports.

    Typical build might be (

    tank + Mech + Inf = 13 (for S-AFRICA)
    Plane (str  ftr or tac) 10 - 12
    1-2 inf to round out purchases

    After about turn 5 you will see which way game is going (based on uS pacific v Atlantic focus) Then you can turn your attention to helping India or reinforcing US moves in Europe.

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