• '17

    I request that new Dice Software should be looked into (at least for Triplea Live). Even to some extent the Marti Dice for Forum games seems off. I swear, frequently odds type stuff of like 1:100 occur way too often.

    Last night, AA Guns @1 rolled 5 / 9 hits on my planes. Just 2/9 is already above average, 3/9 dice rolling hits is close to 1-2% already.

    5/9 hits then lowered the battle victory chances to like 87% which became a lost battle. Anyone could pull up a dice odds calculator and see how ridiculous this is. These odds of both situations happening (planes lost then 87% battle) are like getting hit by lighting or winning the lottery.

    According to several online dice calculators, the odds of rolling 5/9 1s are all a decimal of a percent. Stuff like that happens way too often.

    I understand for instance that there really is no such thing as 100% victory chances…ect. But it isn’t like I play 100 games and this kind of dice happens 1x. These types of occurrences are happening more like 1 / 10 or less games. Dice outliers are too often.

    I’m not whining about the dice, please don’t say that. Just saying that outliers seem to occur extremely too often.

    Am I wrong?

  • TripleA

    Considering the dice code hasn’t really changed in like 10+ years, I’m pretty certain it produces proper odds. I would encourage you to run 100+ calls to the dice server and post the results as I think that’ll show you that you probably get pretty close to average results with a large enough sample size.

    I always like to remind people of the game yahtzee which the best score comes from rolling all of the same number (say 5 1’s). The odds of rolling all the same number is relatively low but most people have played a game where someone had like 3-4 yahtzees. Point being if its possible then it will eventually happen.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I rolled 9/10 AA gun defence hits against a 2004(?) Europe Sealion by hand once.  And I’ve seen plently more on this scale just as crazy  (22 planes at 3 hit nothing)

    Have I played hundreds of games of Axis and Allies?  Yes.  But not thousands.  These things do happen.

    That said - I do want to know more about MARTI and it’s code…

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