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  • Hi

    I own axis and allies global 1940 and I am dying to get this to the table. I would class my self as novice player. I am keen to get know people in Adelaide who enjoy this game and tee up a game sometime. My usual game group just aren’t into it.
    I’m located in Findon SA. PS still looking (28/3/2018)


  • Welcome to the Forum, Call77 . I am afraid there are only a handful of Australian players registered  on these boards and I suspect two of those no longer visit. Simon 33 is in Sydney.
    Have you looked at Djuna’s thread at the top of the Find Players section?
    Good luck in your search.

  • Bugger

  • '17 '16 '15

    Hi Call

    You can hang out and play on the forum until you find some local players.
    Either way is a lot of fun :-)

  • Hi Barnes how exactly does that work. As in play on the forum ? Cheers

  • Go to Play Boardgames and follow Garg’s KISS instructions. Yoh will nedd to download AAA, the latest version and get Marti dice roller.
    There is always someone who wants a game. It is not the same as face to face , but it helps with the addiction!

  • So are refereeing to play Triple AAA? I have tried that not much of a fan. But thanks for the suggestion.

  • '17 '16 '15

    Hey Call
    I’m just up the road……in Cairns!!..pop by mate…

    I feel your pain buddy, there are loads of people that wanna play this game but this country is too bloody big

    I used triple AAA for a bit on single player until I deemed myself better than the computer.  If you change your mind about it, then send me a pm and we can work out how to play by the forum as I’m yet to do it myself too and at least we are in the same time-zone…ish…  There is a great vid on youtube I saw just today on how to play via this website forum though…

    Its pretty good, only 27 mins long too

    All the best mate

  • hey Woody Cheers,

    thanks for getting in contact. Yeah its been a bit of red herring trying to find people locally, I did find one guy who replied to a message I put on BGG forum so we will see how that pans out. Its been almost impossible to find people locally in Adelaide. If Im lucky might get a session once a year  with my brother and his two boys and sometime my niece. But he lives out in the sticks.

    Yeah anyway let me have a look at this youtube clip and see how it all works. I have an itch that I cant seem to scratch at the moment and I don’t think I could pay my wife to give up her limited free time to play me. My little 15 month year old girl is cute and love her to bits but she limits my spare time at the moment. But im keen to get a game in so let have a look.

    I think time wise i’m half an hour in front due to daylight savings. I wouldn’t be able to fit a game time in till after the little one has gone to bed. Anyway I will be in touch.


  • Ok Woody,

    Im going to have to bite the bullet and play over triple A. Any idea when you may be free for a game? Do you want to play Europe 1940 or Pacific 1940 or global? Im keen for a Global game but what are your thoughts? I have never played via email so I need to check out how to set it all up.
    I would only really be free in the evening after 7pm SA time after my little one has gone down for the night.

    Cheers look forward to a game.

  • Call, are you still looking for a game of play-by-email (PBEM)?  I’m on the USA east coast, so I’m not sure what the time difference is, but the files won’t decay sitting in my email receptacle.  I’m retired, so I can often get in more than one turn per day.


    Jonathan Rost

  • @jonathan-rost

    Hi sure, I have just finished setting a ceiling suspended game table so I can cater for slow game. So how does playing via email work?

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