Rules for Trading in the Axis and Allies Miniatures Forum

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    Alright here are the rules for Trading in this forum:

    1. Open Trades aren’t allowed (i.e. “I am looking for a Tiger. I am willing to trade 2 Shermans.”)

    2. PM Trades Are allowed.

    3. This Sticky is used to post your wants/haves collection so members can know what your looking for. Then members can PM you about a trade they are willing to make.

    4. The Administrators, Moderators, or other Personnel of are not responsible for any trades made between parties on this board.

    5. “Is this a good Trade?” Questions are acceptable, and should be posted in a thread.

    6. All rules regarding trading Axis and Allies Miniatures are subject to change. These are temporary until Djensen gets back and sets a definite set of guidelines.


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Okay, this is all changed now so I’m locking and unstickying this topic. Please go to the A&A Miniatures Trades forum.

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