• If a Capital ship takes a hit, will this be repaired in the collect income phase or in the following purchase and repair phase, it does not seem clear in the rule book?

    I am aware the repair is free of charge, but to me it seems most reasonable this to be done in the purchase and repair phase.


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    In 1942.2 only the battleship is a two-hit unit.
    It is repaired immediately after the battle.


    Two Hits to Destroy: Attacking and defending battleships require 2 hits to destroy. If a battleship is hit once, even by a
    submarine’s Surprise Strike, turn it on its side to mark its damaged status. In the case of a defending battleship, do not move it
    behind the casualty strip unless it takes a second hit in the same combat. If a battleship survives a combat having taken one hit,
    return it upright to the game board.

    The above question is correct for Global 1940, where damaged ships are repaired during the Purchase and Repair Phase.

  • Interesting!! 😮

    It does seem kind of odd though, repair is taking place immediately after…it makes more sense in 1940 version!

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    you could easily house rule it to be after the TURN passes back to you.  much more cagey play required than if it just soaks a hit.

  • I always had a problem capsizing a battleship to represent the first hit, so I finally broke-down and bought the HBG “damaged ship” tokens… even if the use of the marker is short-lived, it’s a nicer visualization than a capsized ship.

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    plus the ships tend to get re-knocked back over when you re-org them, which causes some confusion

    also we tip pieces over that are allocated to NCM early (usually infantry/destroyer placeholders/blockers, to avoid moving them twice) so tipping would mean two different things…

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