Veteran's Day

  • To all my fellow vets out there, have a great weekend!  You certainly deserve it!

    I have a heavy heart this holiday season, as my former ship USS John S. McCain lost 10 great Sailors back in August.  I knew 6 of the 10, and had a great relationship with the eldest, Abe Lopez.

    Abe and I shared a special bond that a lot of people didn’t really understand, and leaves behind a wonderful family that now must go through this holiday season without their husband, father, and friend.  It’s been a tough year out in the Pacific, and as we lost a great deal with the Fitz, McCain, and several others that were lost in accidents and mishaps that were no fault to the members.

    If you have not read the reports, very very short reports, on the McCain and Fitz, you will find that extreme negligence has robbed families of their loved ones.

    To all those who served that lost anyone in the line of duty, this thread is for you.  Honor those who served.

  • 2017 '16 '15

    Thank You to all Veterans

    Also it’s RED Friday so wear a little RED. Remember Everyone Deployed

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