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  • Octo:

    I’ve taken a quite look over at your game again (not having re-read all the pages, so bear with me if I make a mistake in my appraisal), but if I’m not mistaken US did not go with a KGF strategy, correct? I believe they went with a bit of a split as far as forces go, which still should make my initial comments correct. IF the US had gone full blast against Germany from the get-go, I really don’t think the situation in Europe would be the way it is today. For example, when the UK took WEu, the traditional thing to do is back it up with gobs of US troops/ fighters before Germany’s next turn. That requires a serious Atlantic fleet and lots of money spent in transports to get the troops over there.

    You’re playing well as Axis all things considered. It is a knock down drag out, as Switch said, and I’ll be interested to see how the rest of it plays out.

  • You are definately correct.  It is possible that Japan would be so slow to recover that the Allies would have beat up Germany pretty bad.  Well, I have learned my lesson and next time I shall do something different.  Now I must bore Switch to sleep with my dizzying maneuvers.  I feel Japan is a full turn behind normal production.

    I require a windfall.

  • hitting egypt with your indian forces is giving india and the vc to japan for a song.  since i do like to try and play within the spirit of the game i would avoid that, also the 4 inf there will slow japan that one additional turn and a south africa complex lets 2 tanks motor towards caucasus/india every turn as well as keeping africa secure

  • so from what i am reading the best way to stop japan is to go kgf?

    everyone knows that is the “best” (easiest) strat for the allies.

    kind of anti-climatic don’t you think?

    my next game as uk or usa i will try SOMETHING different and let you know what happened, probably wont be too valid due to the relative inexperience of half of my group as it will be their 5th game but might give some new twist

  • let me know if you find a way to stop the Axis in general…let alone Japan.

  • How do you stop the Axis?

    It’s all about how quickly you can land boots in Europe, while putting enough in Africa to clean it up.

    I recently finished a (FTF) game with a well ranked player, who was collecting well over 50 per round with Japan by turn 5 and gave up. The reason? My structures were completely in place and the flow of British and American Infantry was completely maximized to Europe. It was obvious that in time Germany was doomed and Japan had expanded as much as possible.

    I won’t get into specifics just in case I ever play any of you cats (I’m at work, don’t want to get fired), but early Allied purchases mean everything.

    It’s all about forcing the other player to respond to you. Whoever dictates the pace usually wins.

  • 2007 AAR League

    It’s all about forcing the other player to respond to you. Whoever dictates the pace usually wins.

    I would have to agree with that.  If you can make a bold-enough move that gets the other person’s attention, that could/might throw them off their game, and in the process, force them to play into your hands/along with your strategy.

  • once again, to stop japan you need to kill germany?

    can germany be contained and japan pressured?

  • I tired that in my current game, then gave up (too late apparently).

    Concentrate fire and KILL, one nation or the other.  And that is easier to do with Germany.

  • we seem to be playing forum tag!

    can the allies put enough force through africa to keep german cash lower and meet japan in persia?

    this is what i am going to try if i ever get to run uk or usa again, we only play every 2 weeks and just finished a game with me as russia, gemany was timid and the game was decided turn one but uk just played around, building three fleets and stacks of fighters, bottom line; after ten hours and watching the brits steal all european cash out from under my nose i was able to take berlin after uk and i both hit it twice HARD.  i have changed my partners name to “the cat” because he continually played with his food.  if you are reading this you know who you are!  lol

  • Just use your Asian forces to slow Japan down.  Go hell-bent for leather on Germany and be dropping 6-8 US division a round by turn 4, along with UK dropping 8 a round, plus air support, naval dominance, and Russia trading mid-europe territories… Germany falls soon thereafter, in time for Russia to turn to face Japan with US and UK dropping forces for support via Archangel (darn near worked in my current game, and that with startign it 5 rounds late…)

  • i think that we all know that approach switch, do you think that if you were getting 2 uk tanks and 4 us divisions coming through africa every turn that you would have been able to hold the line you established in asia or would it have been a futile waste of resources that japan would have overwhelmed anyway?

  • ANYTHING in Africa after US 1 would have helped.  I abandoned Africa.  I should not have.

    Yes, it would have helped, but primarilly to keep up UK income and keep Germany income down.  The remaining forces would have only slowed the assault on Caucuses by a round, 2 at most…  The US forces cannot be reinforced, Japan’s forces coming through India can…

  • i have thought about a us atlantic presence of 4 divisions per round to assist and the uk being european focused with russia, the problem always becomes how to tangle with japan as the usa without getting stuffed

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