• This is very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where Japan didn’t even try to sink the Pearl fleet. I look forward to giving this strategy a try.

  • Don’t keep us waiting too long Octo. I’ve personally already tried a few variations on Japan (double complex start, complex/tran split start, full tran start), all pushing hard for Russia, and it’s more common that I’m too late to win the game for the Axis than it is this huge advantage you speak of : O

  • Just thought I give this old thread a bump and see if there are any new thoughts on it.  I have a game comming up in about two weeks and I know there is some new blood (newer than this thread anyway) in here.  Look forward to hearing what you think! :-D

  • 2007 AAR League

    killing japan seems to be even more unfashionable then before, so i would add, that you should hit earl massivly and then do more or lesss as you describe…  - the dest if us doesn´t counter.

    But i have another playstylr i think with japan, goes for rapid expansion and multiple IC´s.

  • I have a couple of points on this thread.

    First off, if there are other targets of opportunity on Japan r1, i don’t hesitate in letting the US pearl fleet live. i don’t think the pearl is a must hit in every situation. Cases where the allies are stacking India, maybe an IC built there, and stacking bury. When there is a red stack of inf in Bury, i like nothing more then destroying them. But if better targets arent available, you have to kill that fleet. AC and fighter are too juicey to pass up.

    Second, producing only 3 tanks and 1 inf per round isnt going to generate the kind of pressure in asia you want. If the allies decide to put up resistance in India/China/bury, you wont be able to push with those forces alone on that, and if they don’t resist that strongly, you need more force at moscow/cauc doorstep than that. There will be several rounds you swap terr with Russia. And as a previous post noted, you want to swap inf with them instead of tanks. Russia will give up and inf for a tank anyday.

    Third, As I have stated in other threads, i think a r1 Factory buy is a mistake. You already have one factory that produces 8 units per turn. when you buy the second, you can produce 11 units per turn. Japan isn’t ready to produce 11 land units to asia per turn by r1. So why buy the factory if you have not yet maximized the production potential you started the game with?

    Fourth -  I think your example assume the us is building navy to kill you with? otherwise, if the usa has pulled out of the pacific, no reason to turtle them. Even if they are building up navy, you still have time to do things like take Australia.

  • J1 IC is too early, unless you got a 1dollar bid and bought two trannies as well.

    If you are building a destroyer each round, I am going to freaking rejoice as the allies. WHat a collosal waste.  I will maybe build a sub each round as well as USA, just to unnerve you enough to hopefully spur your dubious purchases onwards.  Like you said, if Japan should ignore USAs fleet, why wont it work both ways? Its not like you are going to capture any territory, EVER, with a fleet of destroyers.

    As well, only 1 inf per turn is far, far too little for Japan.  You need to be able to hold that land.  An IC in India and Singhai can chug out more tanks than you can, and they can afford them.  Plus they can hold them no problem if you are building destroyers instead of infantry.  But thats not even necessary if you are going to ignore India.

    Why?  Cuz your attacking force is weaker than the force I am dumping into Russia.  Caucuses alone can be fortified with 2 tanks and a man, plus allied fighters, each and every turn.  And Russia WILL have the money to spare if you arent even going to make a bid for those measly eastern territories, which DO add up.  And thats just Russian ground troops.  USA and England will definitely be shucking loads of troops into Norway and down the same route you are trying to take, only, they are doing it with more men.  Plus, when the shuck really gets going, Germany is forced to fall back somewhat from the eastern front, as those supply lines can just as easily (and usually do) invade France at a point.

    In the mean time, Russia can easily hold out against the Germans and even turn their eyes Eastwards.

    Not to mention, my typical E1 moves involve harrassing and sinking as much Japanese navy as possible. Are you really going to ignore all those boats?  Hope so.

    Sorry man, but thats gotta be one of the more subprime strategies Ive heard for Japan in a while.  Drop the destroyer purchases, and youve got a much stronger shot at making a good punch, but still theres no reason to take every single IPC from the allies as Japan while you can.  Which you MUST do because yeah, you are being outspent bigtime from the getgo, and thats without worthless builds.

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    Check the original date, it’s February 2006.

  • Yeah dude, OP bumped a severely old thread!!  My bad, got to remember to check dates next time i reply!!!

  • 2007 AAR League

    it´s still a strong play, agains many oponents, and in some situations. (when us actually go KJF)

  • I knew it was an old thread when I bumped it.  I did start it after all, and I was looking for any new ideas since I have a game to play tomorrow.  My opponets are relitive noobs so I dont want to blow them out of the water.  These kinds of games provide a good oppertunity to try new strats with nothing to lose.  Sorry if it caused confusion or if I broke some protocall that I was unaware of.  I’ve been inactive for some time.

  • im playing as japan this weekend and im pretty much going to abandon most of the stuff in the pacific other than borneo and phillipines my first turn im going to take china and put some pressure on russia, and take india with a massive invasion just to get the allies out of eastern asia, my long term goal is to make my way over to africa because the people i play with never seem to care about it and mount an invasion force against the US and England while germany holds back russia, only challenge is i have to do it quick before U.S puts all those I.P.C’s to use

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