Finally Bought E40 and P40 2nd Edition, notices some interesting things

  • I originally bought the 1st editions 8 years ago, but I finally decided to get the 2nd edition games, mainly for all the new sculpts. Unfortunately, I got a significantly damaged P40 box from Amazon:

    In addition, it seems that the American and ANZAC infantry are differently colored compared to the other pieces. Has anyone else seen this?

    Nevertheless, I really like the new sculpts. The ANZAC infantry is ginormous, and their Warpite and angled deck Majestic are glorious.

  • Mine were brand new. I don’t ever want to buy a used AnA game due to things like this.

  • Sorry about your luck. When i got mine 4 years ago, i was dumb struck as i set up the board the first time. The smell of fresh plastic…aahh!
    My very first copy (classic)was the one i learned on. I later bought a used copy of classic to supplement the lost/broken pieces from my game. The one i bought was nowhere near mint, but it served the purpose well.
    I hope your 2nd ed fills your needs well enough, even if it is a bit damaged.
    If its more damage then you were led to believe, you could always contact the seller and work something out. I’ve done this for a few things over the years. Private buyers tend to work with you in good faith. I had to contact my bank and stop a payment to once. You have options if you do not receive the product in the advertised condition.
    Always look at pics. Ask questions and request more pics if you think you should.

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    I think he bought a new copy for Amazon-MSRP.

    I’ve complained before–the large Pathfinder Players Handbook was mangled packed loose in a box with the amazon puffy bags but, cover edges flattened, scarred, etc, was like $21-$25…with very little complaining to amazon they gave me the book for free, no pushback.

  • Why is it interesting you got a damaged package from Amazon?


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