• Hi all, new to the site, but not A&A in general.

    I’m wondering if there’s any existing player groups for Axis and Allies in the Lehigh Valley area. I’ve found a few leads on the internet, but they’ve all led me to dead links and non-existent meetup pages so far.

    If not, I’m more than willing to start a group if anyone else in the area is looking for people to play.

    I own the following versions of the game:
    1942 2e
    Anniversary Edition (as soon as my copy arrives in the mail, that is)
    1940 Global 2e

    I’m mainly interested in G40, but I’m willing to play other versions of the game, as well. Thanks!

  • Hey, m and my friends play.

    email me @beh1965@gmail

  • I’m interested in playing.  I live in Virginia, can travel with a little planning.  If you are still looking, pls respond to my email, jonkrost@comcast.net.    Jonathan Rost

  • @beckerl i have 1941,1942, & 1940 global. I am in Myerstown in Lebanon county. Please reply if you are still around.

  • @brianh hello i tried your email but it said it wasn’t valid.

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