[1914] New Rules Rework: Italy Stays with the Central Powers

  • What if Italy is given a choice to join the Central Powers and fight against the Allies?
    This in turn would trigger a one time IPC bonus for the allies, and the US would join the war immediately.
    If needed, Austria-Hungary may even cede Trieste to Italy.

    Just a thought, let me know your ideas  🙂

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  • NEUTRAL ITALY Variant:

    Italy was clearly in the middle of everything at this time in world history.  Their strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea gave them a particular and peculiar place on who or how they would join in the coming war.  Italy chose neither side at the start - but events and pressures would soon change that course.

    Use this rule to handle a weak and indecisive Italy  - which side will they JOIN?!

    Procedure for Italy entering the war:
    Italy was in the Triple Alliance (of 1882) at the start of the war; Austria, Germany, & Italy.  The Triple Entente; England, France, & Russia did much to “buy” Italy’s allegiance with promises of any territorial gains they may take in Austria, the middle East, and Africa.  If not for the death of the pro-CP Italian Foreign Minister, the Marquis di San Giuliano, the auction for Italy may not have occurred, and Italy may stayed out of the war longer, if not for the duration.  The Triple Entente had much to offer Italy, the Triple Alliance, very little.

    Turn 1+; While neutral, Italy will collect 50% of IPC values into their treasury.  Italy cannot be attacked, cannot build, cannot move.
    Turn 2+;
    a) At start of turn, roll 1d6.  1-2 = to CP; 3-4 = stays neutral;  5-7 = to AP; 8+ = stays neutral.
    b) The Triple Entente can spend IPCs (from any treasury) to adjust that die roll.  For every 6 spent, add 1 to the roll.   This money does not go the Italian treasury.
    c)  If the Italy joins a side due to this roll, the owning player can immediately spend 50% of the treasury on units to be placed in any European Italian territory or sea zone adjacent to Rome.  If Italy joins CP,
    then France mobilizes 1 IN in TUN, MAR, and BUR, and UK mobilizes 1 IN in EGY.
    d) While neutral, Italy can be attacked by any power, in which they would automatically join the other side.  1; They will mobilize units equal to 2 x IPC value of territor(ies) under attack.  Regardless of the number of units mobilized, 50% of the treasury is expended.  2; Mines are active against any sea or amphibious attacks.  
    e) On Italy’s first active turn in the game, they can spend 50% of their treasury minus any amount that was pre-spent in step c.

    I also believe the power sequence needs a change…

    Power sequence:
    AH - Cannot attack Italy and must attack SER turn 1.
    IT * - NEUTRAL and AP aligned turn sequence.
    IT * - CP aligned turn sequence.
    US - Neutral until turn 4.

  • Are there any rules in which the player can choose themselves.
    This might add a bit of spice to the game, rather than a player being given a side without their choice.

  • I’m trying to do something just like that in my game. Maybe Italy is neutral on the first turn? Having Italy switch sides might be too much? IDK but I
    think it is a viable concept for sure.

  • One possible idea:
    Italy would stay neutral on turn one, but can come in on either side in turn 2.
    If Italy joins the Central Powers, maybe the US should get a bonus and enter the war.
    Or maybe Austria Hungary suffers a penalty due to Italians living in their borders.

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    Regarding a neutral Italy that may or may not change sides, try this:

    Minimum number of players: 3 - 1 player for AH/GE/OE, 1 player for RU/UK/FR/US, 1 player for Italy

    Round 1: Italy stays Neutral. Italy may move army troops between territories but must stay within Italy and/or its colony. If attacked on R1, automatically join the other side.

    Round 2: Italy decides between the powers. If Italy is not attacked before the beginning of its turn, then Italy must pick a side in the war. The Triple Entente and the Central Powers both may pass secret offers (written offers kept secret from the other side of the war). The two sides can promise whatever they want - military units, money, help conquering new territory - what ever you want. Both sides must have a secret, written plan for how they will fulfill their promises (e.g. Russia pays cash, France and England hand over units).

    Units can be sent to Italy from other countries. Once the units sent to Italy arrive in a territory that started the game as Italian and that Italy still controls, the units is swapped for an Italian unit and remains under Italian control until destroyed.

    The side that gets Italy has to keep Italy in order to win the war - what ever your side’s original winning condition is, add to it: “Must retain control of Rome in order to win.”

    The side that loses Italy gets 1 new Inf raised in any European territory that borders Italy.

    And that’s what I have to say about that.


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    A sides offer to Italy may include turning over control of different powers to the player controlling Italy.

    (e.g. Triple Entente can, in their offer, give control of the US to the Italian player as a part of their offer.)


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