What Extra Sculpts, Roundels, etc for custom G40 table and game

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    That’s an excellent point, Bob77. I am not sure if they are indicating that the roundel design is the OOB design or if the piece count matches the OOB. I never counted my cardboard roundels. I will have to ask them.

    Certainly my understanding is that the roundels are the hardboard upgraded roundels they have been offering in lots of 10, only packaged for a complete G40 set at some discount.

  • @Bob77:

    So on the HGB item description, oob doesnt really mean oob?
    When i read oob, i think original thinner card board.

    I can’t access their site at the moment, but in a nutshell, HBG offers different types of roundels… they sell the OOB sheets from the games themselves (exact same as if you bought the game), they also sell custom roundels that are basically the same size/quality as OOB ones, but with unique markings (like neutral country markers, or Italy with fasces instead of the tricolor), AND they sell the IMPROVED roundels (often with custom print, like Italian fasces or German Swastikas) that are a much thicker marker of sturdier material and easier to pickup… these are the expensive ones of the bunch, but they are qualatively superior to the OOB ones.

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    I spoke briefly with Doug at HGB and he said the OOB designation was just to reference the roundel design as some people use different ones� for instance, the Fascist Italian roundel seems popular on some custom maps. The map I had printed has the OOB roundel designs, so this set will match that.

  • That better justifies the price. I didnt want you paying $80 for the oob thin cardboard. Lol

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    Agreed! That would have been a lot for cardboard!

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    They are not the cardboard ones. It was my idea to release them as a set and in the numbers that they are. They are expensive there’s no doubt about it and if you’re having trouble making ends meet then this is not a viable choice for you. For those who can afford it I can tell you that they are a huge upgrade over the cardboard roundels. To purchase enough of them to play a game would be just over $113, but this set is $75. The savings that they show you are based on 16 sets of 10 but realistically you would need 19 sets. Sure, you would get a few more roundels by purchasing 19 sets but you don’t need all of them. By only getting 5 France, 5 China, etc. you lower the price by $18.

    I came up with these numbers by playing a number of games and discovered that Japan, for example, needed more than 30 but less than 40 roundels. There might be the odd game where Italy becomes an absolute beast and takes over more than 15 territories but those games would be few and far between. You still have your cardboard roundels if something like that ever happens. My goal was to make up a set that would be somewhat affordable and I appreciate Doug’s efforts to make that possible.

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    Well I�m glad you made this suggestion. Mine are on the way. Of course, if they don�t live up to all my expectations, I know who to blame. Ha!

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    Pistols at dawn!!

    I’m sure you will like them and they will make your new table look even sweeter than it does. I wish I could come over and play a game now.

  • For factories you might consider monopoly pieces.
    Green houses an minor factories, red hotels as major factories.
    You don’t have to buy the whole game or disrupt your own.
    Just buy replacement houses and hotels on ebay. They come cheap.

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    I had an anniversary copy of monopoly that had unpainted wooden houses and hotels. Since no one has played Monopoly in our house since my father in law and my wife’s grandmother got in a screaming match Thanksgiving Day, 2011 and didn’t speak for two years, I figured it was safe to commandeer them for the G40 table.

  • I actually made a killing using the Grey houses from some odd Monopoly Variant that had plastic houses which could stack on top of each other. I think I cornered the eBay market in gray houses.

    Edit. Found it, U-Build Monopoly. Grey is the industrial buildings

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    I’ve made a YouTube video about my table. Please check it out:


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    The You tube video looks great!

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    Thanks for watching!

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