• How do I fix these glitches on triple A, a few examples that occurs quite often:

    1. SBR attacks, AA Gun hits against me is ridiculous and it does not reciprocate. I typically lose a bomber 40% of the time if not higher

    2. When I attack AL Infantry often get hits on rolls of 4,Why??? Defensive rolls against me are also unrealistic.

    3. I have as an example: Italian (as this happens often when I play Italy) 2 BB, 2 CA, 4 DD being attacked by 6 US strat bombers and result is a sunk fleet to the loss of say being generous here 4 US strat bombers. This has caused me to shelter in place with the Italian fleet

    4. I accidentally hit end combat phase but there is no way to reverse that, or is there?

    So what is the glitch here?

    It gets really frustrating playing this game. I want to start playing online against other opponents but not till I know how to fix this

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    1+3) No glitches, but simply the result of the ingame dicey that gets its results by random numbers.

    In case you don’t trust the ingame dicey, don’t worry too much. Playing online/by forum is done using an online dice server.
    Thousands of games have been played using this (see the Play Boardgames secction) - you can prevent from being diced only by playing “Low Luck”.

    1. Use the “History Mode” (“Game-Show history” - leave that mode by “Game-Show current game”), to retrace which units scored hits and how hits have been assigned.
      If you still think that there is an issue, please provide a savegame, and I will look into it.

    2. There are several possibilities:

    • Save regularly: You can save at any time. If you accidentally hit that button then, just reload the latest savegame and continue from there.
    • Use an autosave file: Autosaves are created at the end of every game phase. So just load the latest autosave file (see savegame folder) and continue from there. (Be sure to have the latest stable TripleA-version installed: http://www.triplea-game.org/download/ )
    • Use Edit Mode to edit in moves you might have forgotten (“Game - Enable Edit mode”)

    Just ask, in case you run into further issues.

    HTH 🙂

  • '17

    I just downloaded the latest.  Will need to play test further but seems fine.

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