Game Report 167: South Africa Blitz

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    Last night we wrapped up a 2 session game with Maphead as the Axis and I’m allies.  He I3’d and built German navy just to see how things would go.

    G2 = Take Gibraltar
    I2 = med clear
    J2 = Malaya
    G3 = SZ 82 on Africa with 6 units 2 air few ships.
    J3 = SZ 75

    G4/I4 take canal, im grouping up and giving up ground near the med. cause all 3 axis are coming.

    Take SA, tear Africa apart, paralyze UK is the idea

    This was pretty fun and I didn’t defend SA much, just 3 infantry.  I did build a huge UK air node of 4 infantry 1 mech 1 arty 1 armor 3 fighters 2 tacticals 1 stratbomber in Sudan.    London completely bombed but turtled, all his sea power is in the med.  UK using Canada to build, no repairs.    Russia gets crazy strong.  Brought 4 us carriers with planes from the other side and 5 bombers.

    Attacked Axis 1 infantry 3 tanks 1 fighter on SA with Allies 1 armor 3 figh 2 tacs 1 sb

    1 armor 1 tac survives.

    USA 5-6
    Attacked Gibraltar, 5 bombers (landing in south America with my 4 guys) 4 units + 5 bombers vs 1 armor 3 fighters 1 tactical

    only 2 bombers survived did not retake Gibraltar.

    Axis ambitions were foiled with the retake of the factory and the lazing of his spearhead nodes at Gibraltar and SouthAfrica, dave concedes on turn 6.    Allies 4 vs Axis 0 in recent play.

  • 2017

    Allies winning all of the games now, huh, goes to show that people are getting tired of just doing a G1 purchase of 6 artillery / 2 infantry and marching beeline towards Moscow while Japan goes for China/India.

  • 2018 2017

    yeah, but we are still fooling around with new-ish ideas after a years break for Gencon 2017 42.2 so its not just–->  deathblow

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