• Hey folks!

    I’m trying to figure out if these are rule misunderstandings or a TripleA problem.

    1.  Triple A won’t let me use my German tactical bombers to bomb a factory in the UK.  It will let me fly to the UK from Western Germany, but the only options I have for bombing are airfield and harbor.  Is this a tactical bomber rule I didn’t know about?

    2.  It also won’t let me fly a tactical bomber from a carrier in SZ112 into the UK; which is a round trip movement of 4.  SZ112->SZ110->UK>SZ110->SZ112.

    Any input?

  • '19 '17 '16

    1. Yes, tacs can only bomb airfields and naval bases.
    2. Perhaps the CV as a landing site has already had its capacity used up by other moves you have made?

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