• 2007 AAR League

    i am looking to play revised online. i am a rookie on the computer i may need some help, but i’ll give you a heck of a battle. how do we roll dice?

  • Sure since my previous match ended prematurely i want to try another game.
    I can explain how it works but it is pretty easy if your PC can handle java.
    Just download tripleA and select BPEM game.
    Then we deside who does what countries and you do your moves complete your turn and send the savegame and then ill do the same.

  • 2007 AAR League

    i have no idea what java or triplea are? i have the board set up and ready to go, but i’m still a little confused about how to roll dice.

  • Triplea =a Pc program that keeps the map on your PC and let you move pieces around.
    http://triplea.sourceforge.net ? < free of charge >
    Java = needed program to run TripleA.
    http://java.sun.com < or follow the link on the triplea page >

    Well we can use the board set up and just roll ourself. Or use the dicey thing. Im willing to just use standard rolls and trust the other posts his rolls correctly. So you roll your dice and post the results on this boards and i roll mine and post the results. No cheating  😉
    This sould be something like 4 inf rolling 1-6-4-3 ( 1 hit ) <just example="" numbers.="">and that for all types of units involved ofcourse.

    But sure lets get going chose your side.

    Rules = Techs after your turn.
    No National advantages.
    Post your units at the end of your turn for varification.
    1 turn ever 24 hours minimum to keep speed up.
    8 VC’s where you have to keep them 1 full turn ??</just>

  • 2007 AAR League

    hey shadowhawk i’m ready. i’ll try thr dicey thing or try the honor system, but if we wait for the other guy to roll defense, then the attacker moves non combat it could make for a long game. but i’ll do it or the attacker rolls for both. what is the no tech for a round. does that mean we roll for tech and if we get it  we can’t use it until the next round. thats fine with me . i’ve never played for victory cities, but i will. but i want capitols.

  • Sure we can do capitols no biggy for me, VC makes the game a bit more interesting since it is not just try to get moscow allies need to defend more and so do the axis.
    But i dont really mind once you get a capital it will be over anyway. It just prevens the Allies from pulling out of india and caucasus and just defend moscow.
    Hm we can let the attacker roll for the defender 2 if you want should up the speed a bit.
    Only on really hard things that you are not sure what the other would lose ( a remaining sub that can submerge for instance, or a last fighter vs a tank so you can take the area ) we dont ask the other to denote the losses.

    So attacker handles the combat results but posts all his rolls here.
    Techs will become active at the end of your turn ( purchase )
    You post all forces on the map at the end of your turn + money land so we can easy synchronize the board should it get messed up.

  • 2007 AAR League

    i see your point about pulling casuiltes if attacker rolls for both. either way we have to wait for the other guy to roll or pull casuiltes.  so i dont care either way. what is dicey how does it work. i could start tonite i’m in detroit so my time right now is 6:15. pick your side

  • Ill be germany/Japan for a change.

    Just roll dices and if it is obvious do the casualties. Most battles are obvious only naval might be tricky. So just handle the land battles and take casualties also as attacker ( inf, art, arm, fight ) in that order 😄
    So go ahead with russia. Im in the netherlands GMT+1 and im not sure about detroit but i think it is in the GMT-8 area so im effective waking up when you  get home from work. So we can sleep on our moves 😄

    No need to use dicey just roll the dice you usualy roll and post the results. We have to trust eachother not to cheat but then again what is the fun of a game when you cheat 😄 ( you can then just as well not play at all )
    P.S. You going to make a post on the games part ?

  • Just pick a side and make the post in the games section and lest get this game going 😄

  • 2007 AAR League

    ok shadowhawk thats fine with me. ill be allies, you say post in game section.  ok  your 8 hrs ahead of me thats fine its 7:15pm on friday night. ill post russia tonite .

  • 2007 AAR League

    hey craig sorry for the delay. i live in detroit  my boys play on fri  also.  i play once a month or so.
    i just played  fri  and went kjf for the first time and lost. oh well.  maybe we could hook up some time.

  • 2007 AAR League

    oh ya i am looking to start an online game of revised.  shadowhawk and i had a game going but could not finish.  i have time for at least one move per day maybe more.

  • 2007 AAR League

    i’m ready to play online revised right now.  i have lots of free time.

  • 2007 AAR League

    hey thats cool i understand online can’t compare to battling with the boys and a couple beers.  but i’d like to try a game online.  anybody out there?  i already had a couple beers.

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