The Cliffside Bunker Flightstand

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    The Cliffside Bunker Flightstand! Available starting Monday October 16th, 2017.

    32 mm tall so that the plane with fly above the Infantry stacked on 5 chips. The base is 3mm thick by 12mm wide which fits snug into the center of the chip counters. Pegs are 1/8" in diameter and are made of translucent acrylic rod. Price point will be $100 CAD for 100 stands (expensive I know! But, stick around).

    The FMG stands were $25 + TAX for 20 stands. That here in Ontario, Canada would be $1.41 per stand. $141 for 100 stands.

    Our set of one hundred flight stands will come with 300 1/8" X 1/32" diameter magnets (you will need to attach the magnets to the top of the flight stand peg). One magnet for each of your new flight stands, and another for each of your out of box Fighters, Tactical, and Strategic Bombers (There are 210 planes OOB but do you really need to magnetize all of those French planes?)

    Again, $100 (taxes included) for 100 flight stands and 300 1/8" X 1/32" magnets (which have a value of $0.10 per magnet). Thats over a 50% saving for the community.

    Shipping will vary from province to province, state to state, country to country. So if you are interested, please email us at

    How I would recommend putting them together and a little bit of history about how they came to be. Shot at the Cliffside Bunker with YG
    Shown here at The Garrison with DTROY

    And here by GeneralHandGrenade
    Flight stands by wartorn.jpg

  • Cool…about time someone took the initiative

  • Stoked…great work, WarTorn!

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    I played with these bad boys in a game yesterday. I love the versatility of being able to use them on the flightstands and taking them off for using on the carriers. The price is great too. 100 bucks and you get everything you need to play G-40. When I bought the FMG stands I had to make a number of orders until I had enough to satisfy me. It probably cost me twice as much in the end too.

    Wartorn and the Bunker Crew did a really good job designing and putting these out for the community. Kudos brothers, and thanks for your efforts.

    Check out the video I made for them. There’s an interview with Wartorn and I demonstrate how to assemble them. Plus you can get a good look at the board set up with a combination of them and the FMG stands so you can compare them.

  • Incase you need more help on assembling Flight Stands. The video goes over how I made my DIY dlight stands, but the concept would be useful when pitting togther your WarTorn set. I had a couple of mods that are different from GHG, and I gave a method to making sure you keep your polarity correct with the magnets. Hope this helps!

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    Theses stands look great in the videos.  I’ll send you and email and get some ordered!

  • Just received my flight stands! Thank you WarTorn! Excellent craftsmanship! So pleased. Here is a brief review video for anyone interested.

  • Finished gluing all magnets to all 100 stands and OOB planes. Made a few mistakes. Here is a video for anyone interested.

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    Awesome content Gijoe! Thanks for posting. Really glad you like the product. I hope you have as much fun playing with them as I did making them for you. May all of your opponents rolls be 6’s (except when they are STR Bombing you)

  • So glad that these are a thing sent you off an email today my dad and I are huge A&A fans and every time we play we find that the aircraft can be abit of a pain, we also plan to get the upgraded board for our game of Global 1940 soon.

  • Hey Guys,
    Just received my custom flight stands from WarTorn! Love them. 3 heights (30mm-37mm-44mm). Here’s a video if you want to see.

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    First off, I would like to thank all of you for the unbelievable support that I have been getting for these flight stands. Requests have been coming in from all over the world! Australia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, the US, UK, South America, and here in Canada. It’s been keeping me very busy to say the least, but the daunting and monotonous task of putting them all together has been made easy with the welcome that you all have given the product.

    Half of the stands are now gone! Thats 3000 flight stands and 9000 magnets!

    Moving forward, the base set of stands are going to be 30.5 mm still available in a set of 100 with 300 magnets for $100 CAD plus shipping.

    BUT!, available in the year to come will be the variable height stands that you may have seen in the video posted earlier. 30.5mm, 37mm, and 44mm. The set will still come with 100 stands and 300 magnets, but the price for these will be $150 CAD Plus shipping. The amount of stands that you would like at each length are completely up to you. From the 100 stands in the set, you can choose how many short, medium, or long length stands you want in your set. If you really need some input, I would go with 50 short, 30 medium, and 20 long, but all that depends on strategy really. There’s only 7 STR bombers in the initial setup, but depending on your strategy, there could be as many as 15-20 on the board by turn 3-4. I know chipping them out in an option, but I keep getting told that some don’t like chipping out the aircraft because they have them going in every which direction every turn. That’s essentially why we went with so many in a set. That, and the cats, dogs, or kids can get sticky fingers and walk off with a few ;).

    Thank you again for all the support.

  • Curious if these are still available? Just got back into AA after a hiatus for a few years due to children.

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    I have more sturdy metal ones…those look like they will tip over too easily unless they are glued to that chip underneath

  • I have seen the metal ones and those look good as well, the clear just looks cleaner on he board i think, from videos i have seen the clear ones seem just as sturdy as the metal ones (given your not hard on them)

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    mine are metal rods with clear plastic base. The rods screw into the base

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    @Imperious-Leader said in The Cliffside Bunker Flightstand:

    I have more sturdy metal ones…those look like they will tip over too easily unless they are glued to that chip underneath

    Thanks for your input, but GiJoe did a video on this a very long time ago. The base i use is metal and with the peg being acrylic, the flight stand is very steady with the lower centre of gravity which allowed me to make a taller flight stand.

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    @mee97 said in The Cliffside Bunker Flightstand:

    I have seen the metal ones and those look good as well, the clear just looks cleaner on he board i think, from videos i have seen the clear ones seem just as sturdy as the metal ones (given your not hard on them)

    I can put you on the list. I’m waiting for more washers atm. I’ll keep you posted. Send me an email so i have your info

  • @wartorn sorry for the late response, been down with the flu for the last several days, my email is

  • Are you still producing these for order?

  • @wartorn are these flight stands still available for purchase?

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