• hello! my name in BIG D and I am new to this forum and new to Axis & Allies. I love playing Global 1940 and am in the process of moving to Waterloo, Ontario and am interested to get a game on if there is any one in the area. I can travel or I have room to set up. I see on this forum that there are a few Canadians :evil: I just joined the forum today, this is my first post, please don’t be mad. Thanks for your time

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    Hi Big G.  Welcome to the war.

    There were some guys from Waterloo at the recent global 1940 tournament that was held in Toronto.  You could look up the organizer, Young Grasshopper, and ask if he might put the waterloo guys in touch with you.

    I did my post doc for 2 year at University of Waterloo. Its a good place

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